Dash (DASH) Price Prediction: Dash Might Have Gotten the Way Out of Crypto Winter

Dash (DASH) is built as a digital currency with a special focus on the privacy of the users. It facilitates instant transactions. Previously known as Darkcoin, it promises to facilitate transactions with complete anonymity as the transactions are done on the network developed by the Dash team called DarkSend. DarkSend is just like CoinJoin of bitcoin. On the payment system of Dash, it is never possible to track the records and check the balances of the users. Its InstantX technology empowers the users to send fund immediately and irreversible within the four seconds of the transaction.

DashDash (DASH) has been performing outstandingly in the crypto market. It is 14th largest cryptocurrency, and the ROI of Dash (DASH) stands at more than 9000 %. The maximum supply of Dash coin is 18,900,000 DASH and the current circulating supply, as well as the total circulating supply, is 8,721,867 DASH. The market cap on 02nd April at 02:29 UTC is 1,007,265,866 USD. The price of each coin terms of USD and BTC stands at 115.49 USD and 0.02759888 BTC for the same UTC. The 24 h volume of Dash is 317,374,637 USD.

Dash (DASH) started the year on a very low point both in terms of market cap and USD price. However, it gained momentum for a while to fall again. But the past month has been very performing for this crypto. The growth can be easily seen by comparing the figures for one month ago. On 2nd March the market cap of Dash was 718,413,147 USD, and the price of each coin in terms of USD and BTC stood at 82.96 USD and 0.02159080 BTC respectively. The current market cap is whopping 40.20 % more than the value of one month ago. And the value of each coin in terms of USD is 39.21 % more than the value of March 2nd.

As mentioned earlier, Dash (DASH) has started the year with lower points. Predictions have been made that this year would be the best one for Dash. But, the lower trend in market cap, as well as price in USD at the starting February, tilted the confidence of investors. However, after March it has gained the momentum. It is expected that the price of each coin may breach the 150 USD level or may reach 200 USD. As per Dash Prediction, by the end of 2020, it may even cross 900 USD. So, holding the coin has never been better for Dash. Investors are advised to buy coins at this price as in the long term this price is going to add multiple time values to itself. For short term investors, it will be profitable for holding their positions for at least three weeks. The price may reach more heights.

Trevor Holman

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