Dash (DASH) Price Predictions: Will the ‘Cash of Cryptocurrencies’ be Able to Maintain its Stability?

Dash (DASH) can be termed as ‘cash of digital transaction’ for the anonymity of the transaction it allows to the users. Formerly known as ‘Darkcoin,’ Dash payments are private and cannot be tracked along with balances. InstaX, a neoteric technology, is the backbone of Dash transactions. While DASH transactions are similar to Bitcoin, it has an added layer of security provided by InstaX, for increasing the anonymity. Beside InstaX, a core network of servers called Masternodes is the added advantage of DASH transaction. In the case of Bitcoins, confirmation of transaction takes time, which is significantly reduced in DASH by the use of Masternode.

Dash ChartPriced at USD 119.64 at UTC 08:34, Dash is currently at rank 13 in cryptocurrency ranking along with the total market capitalization of 1,047,218,959 USD. In comparison to BTC, it is valued at 0.02356672 per coin. The trading volume of DASH for last 24-hours was approximately 279,389,335 USD. DASH’s price jumped off 30.7% from its last 25-day value. On March 22, it was trading around $ 91.54, and currently standing at USD 119.64.

If one looks at the historical ups and downs of DASH, it hit the top of the Bollinger Chart on December 20, 2017, and traded at USD 1,642.22. And dropped to the lowest level just a month after its release on February 14, 2014, at a level of USD 0.213899. However, Dash’s value has stabilized over the period of last 52-weeks marking highs and lows as USD 541.29 and USD 58.27 respectively. Now coming to the previous day trading, it traded ranged between USD 124.34 and USD 116.42 marking the upper and lower ends of intraday trading respectively. Moreover, DASH opened yesterday at USD 123.23, while closed at USD 119.21 with a cumulative loss of USD 4.02 (3.26%). Its trading volume for yesterday was of USD 284,253,075.

Future Prospect of DASH:

Interestingly, there is only 22 million Dash ever created, which makes it a deflationary currency. Although Masternodes add various advantage to the Dash transaction, it requires 1000 Dash nodes as collateral to prevent Sybil attacks or “ballot stuffing.” According to an estimation, Master Nodes currently earn at a rate of 6.84% per year. However, daily active addresses are pushing all-time highs in recent month, besides many stress tests on the network. In addition to that, there are over 9,575 members in 19 DASH groups on meetup.com and a subscriber base of over 23,000 on Reddit. Unlike various cryptocurrencies whose value has reduced after a sudden jerk, DASH has maintained its stability because of Masternode and treasury component. Overall, asset value seems to be bullish for DASH throughout most of 2019. Check our Dash Price Forecast to know more further about the future prices of Dash coin.

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