Dash (DASH) Text Comes Up with the First Ever Distributed Charity Program in the World

Dash Text provides message sending services without demanding any internet connection. It is basically an SMS-based dash wallet service provider. Dash Text has now introduced (which it claims to be) the world’s first distributed charity structure. It is an automated method of providing charitable donations.

What the doner has to do is use the Dash text platform and send ‘Dash’ the concerned donation address where the donated fund would be distributed evenly among the recipients. These recipients will also have these Dash Text wallets with them which will enable them to receive the money against just through one SMS. This non-dependency on the internet connection makes it an easier and popular way of receiving and sending money (directly and smoothly).

The co-founder of Dash Text said that :

“Whenever someone makes a donation through our system, the money gets immediately and equally distributed amongst the people you’re donating to, this is completely transparent and traceable on the blockchain, the money is never touched by a human third party inside our system, it is all automated and happens in just a few seconds,”.

He further said that this is a unique system; there is nothing like it on the earth, at present. All the charities along with crypto charities demand some sort of mediation or intervention of the third party, but not here in Dash.

Though the program is introduced in the market, it is still on a pilot basis. At present, it has covered 50 students who are given school lunches through the donations. Before getting covered under this program, these 50 students from the San Antonio school in Caracas were going without meals very often. With this program, these students are given over 1,000 lunches and 900 beverages through donations.

Recently, Dash Text launched a donation campaign with Bitrefill. Bitrefill is a mobile recharge and gift card service provider in Venezuela. The company allowed Venezuelan people to buy phone credit to contact their loved ones during the recent crisis in the country. Now, this new charity program has joined the hands to offer Venezuelan people solutions to get out of the present economic crisis.

Not that Dash is the sole crypto venture in Venezuela, but, it is unlike the rest for sure. The co-founder says that many blockchain and crypto ventures are making charitable donations for this country and it is incredible to see these many businesses to offer help; but, most of them are providing people food (not crypto). We are in a position to provide these people with the required entity using which they can buy or learn to buy their own food. Crypto would be a good mode of payment and earning for these people.

Plus, the company would get more crypto adoption and users in return. Dash has been working in this country for quite a long time.  At present, there over 2500 merchants who are using Dash for receiving payments.

Trevor Holman

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