Dash Has Outpaced Bitcoin On Latin American Exchange, Claims Cryptobuyer CEO

Dash is one of the leading privacy-focused cryptocurrency, a genre which is expected to grow in popularity as regulators across the globe are tightening their grip on normal digital currencies. However, one can hardly imagine it beating Bitcoin in the future, near and far!

However, Cryptobuyer CEO-Jorge Farias thinks that it has already happened on the Latin American crypto exchange. The Dash token is quite popular outside the US, due to the privacy features it boats. But to outpace Bitcoin anywhere in the world is a big achievement, nonetheless. Cryptobuyer is one of the biggest ecosystems of crypto trading platforms in Latin America, have a full fledge crypto exchange, a wallet, and even ATM in it.

Farias said that very few people remember the fact that Cryptobuyer was the first exchange in South America to embrace Dash, whose transactional volume has grown significantly in a couple of months due to the aggressive adoption efforts taken by the project. He added,

“The trend over the last two months is that Dash was the currency that is the most used on our platform… Two months ago it outpaced Bitcoin.”

Farias further said that the exchange added Dash for trading as the network congestion in Bitcoin create scope for an altcoin to succeed. He says that they felt Dash as the perfect choice.

“…..we saw it as a valid option. The name says everything: digital cash. And for us, it was the first currency we integrated after Bitcoin.”

Cryptobuyer is probably the one exchange in the world which dared to temporarily delist Bitcoin when its network congestion grew beyond being bearable. Also, it is pleasantly surprising to see that a major crypto exchange from an important region showing strong support to altcoins, at a time when heads of capital funds like Pantera Heisenberg are predicting death for tokens other than Bitcoin.

David Cox

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