Dash Integrated on the Blockchain Data and Analytics Platform BlockChair

Dash was recently added by Blockchair, an influential cryptocurrency blockchain explorer with highly developed statistics, filters, charts, and viewing outputs onto their platform.

Some of the service options that they provide are finding user transactions and addresses, Filtering and sorting blockchain data, Professional API, PDF transaction receipts, Database dumps for researchers, and shortly arriving Stats and Charts. According to their website, they aspire to grow to be Google for blockchains and market their service as ‘an engine that consists of blockchain explorers on steroids.’ Providing researchers with a way to batch export data from blockchains is one of the USPs of Blockchair.

Blockchair is popular among researchers, enthusiasts, casual users, and regulators of cryptocurrency, as the platform can provide a storehouse of data from mempool stats, network stats, transaction stats, knowledge of inputs and outputs, and a lot more in real time and extensive detail. They are very ahead of their peers in this market of cryptocurrency analysis and data sites, where the margins have other delaying data by hours or a full day.

Dash is the sixth addition to this site with a limited number of cryptocurrency integrations.

To make it easier for more people to observe the inner workings of cryptocurrencies, Blockchair aims at helping to increase transparency into the blockchains on their site. The capability of filtering and sorting various blockchain data can also aid to give further insights into the advantages and disadvantages of each cryptocurrency. Along with helping researchers to find out pain-points and come across potential fixes, this will enable the consumers to make a better decision.

Government officials that are already calling for regulations are also endowed with more transparency with these tools. On the other hand, they now can have an easy way in- to observe how various blockchains work, in terms of making user-to-user transactions in real-time, adjusting fees, and being transparent. Misrepresentations, preconceived notions and a lack of knowledge are some of the top reasons for individuals to call for regulations on cryptocurrencies, however, using user-friendly block explorers with advanced data offer an approach to see real-time transactions along with the data that comprises said transactions. This might make regulators more well-informed and less anxious of cryptocurrencies, and as a result, feel less of a need for an arduous policy.

Furthermore, the website also has a powerful API that gives a lot of control to developers to do more analysis on external software and code. On top of the data that Blockchair already provides, this gives further opportunity for even more insights into different cryptocurrencies as developers build supplementary tools.

With its assimilation into Blockchair, Dash will now be able to supplement to its current progress of building out its network and increasing transparency. Evolution, DAPI, and DApps are on Dash’s horizon, which will present the chance to seriously improve the network’s use cases for consumers and merchants. When it is time to develop DApps, there will be a larger community that is aware of Dash as Blockchair is encouraging more developers and analysts to look into Dash’s blockchain.

Also, Dash has been dedicated to increased transparency, with the inclusion of PrivateSend, which stores all obfuscated data on the public blockchain while mixing transactions. Dash Watch is also available to supervise current network proposals and hold them liable, along with the Treasury process being open for all to see. With the intention of becoming everyday digital cash for average users, Dash aspires to obtain the confidence of users and regulators by being transparent and open.

This integration will provide Dash with yet another tool to evidently correspond and validate its point about cheap, speedy, and secure peer-to-peer digital cash.

David Cox

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