DASH Introduces All-New Version of Dash Core- v0.14.0.3

Welcome the all-new version of Dash Core- v0.14.0.3. It is the brand new update from Dash for its native crypto token- DASH, which has upgraded its crypto wallet and P2P client. Many speculate that the reason behind the Dash’s latest upgrade is the sharp rise and fall in the transaction volume in its main net.

Why Dash introduced Dash Core- v0.14.0.3 upgrade?

Also, today the Dash community revealed on its official blog post, that the platform was facing either a ‘stress test’ or a planned ‘attack.’ What happened was, seven days ago, the main net of the company was facing excessive load on the Dash network. The load consisted of- ‘around a million 1 input 1 output transactions with a fee just higher than 1 duff per byte’, as per the announcement made by the platform. In response to investigate the matter, the company contacted the probable community members who had the potential to execute this, but the source of trouble didn’t lie with anyone of them. It then became clear that the ‘artificial load’ was either a ‘stress test’ or a planned ‘attack. ‘

Further, in the blog, the company stated-

In response to the discoveries outlined above, is being released. The release includes various bug fixes and improvements. The upgrade is strongly recommended for all Masternodes and is also recommended for all users, exchanges, partners and full node operators.

So, what are the new changes that will be seen?

The official blog revealed many changes that will be seen from now onwards. The new changes include-

  • One will find new improvements in the database space.
  • It was observed that some of the master nodes were getting crashed due to the process of storing IS Lock for every transaction which used to get removed in 7 days. This led to minimum storing (approx. 15 to 20 GB) and therefore, resulted in a lack of storing space for storing all the IS Locks.

The new update comes with the ability to remove the IS Locks as soon as they are verified through ChainLock. It is expected that this new update will significantly decrease “the ‘llmq’ directory over time.”

  • Further, the upgrade has successfully fixed the DKG and the LLMQ signing issues.
  • In the times of high load, a few master nodes used to ban the other ones, at the verge of making the new quorum active. The re-verification has been fixed with PR#3052, and the new fixed version has been updated in this new upgrade.
  • The new Dash Core- 14.0.3 comes with signed binaries for Windows platform.

There are other updates too, which you can easily check on the official blog of Dash.

As you can tell, the update is basically to fix the loopholes and to enhance the overall performance. Last week, the executives of the company confidently claimed that the Dash Network is way safer than Bitcoin. They base their views on two recent features of the Dash Network- ‘instant-by-default transactions, and an upgraded consensus protocol.’ Also, the LLMQ-based ChainLocks, allows the master node to lock the new blocks, which results in strong protection against issues such as- double spends and network forks. The CMO of Dash Core- Fernando Gutierrez revealed that the new Dash upgrade has made 51 percent attacks and re-orgs highly expensive. On this, the CEOP of Dash Core- Rayn Taylor applauded for the ChainLock system and said that it adds an extra shield of security to the network blocks. He further added-

It does not matter if someone is mining a longer chain in secret in a 51percent attack. Someone could have 99 percent of the network power, but if anyone else publishes their block first, the chain becomes invalid. This level of network consensus can be reached extremely quickly and reaches, I would argue, better than Bitcoin security in four to six seconds.



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