Dash Partners With IQ CashNow to Improve Geographical Coverage with More Merchants and ATMs

The Digital currency for payments and e-commerce platform, Dash, announced in a tweet that, they have partnered with the Austrian based Crypto ATM service provider, IQ CashNow, adding over 1,000 Dash-accepting vendors and 250 new ATMs. These, additional Dash accepting merchants will be available in coffee shops, bars, and restaurants of Austria, Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey, the US, and Ecuador. They will accept Dash through IQ CashNow.

As per the official sources,

Dash has partnered with cryptocurrency ATM and merchant solution provider IQ CashNow, adding an additional over 1,000 Dash-accepting merchants as well as integration into over 250 additional ATMs, growing Dash merchant adoption significantly.

According to Jan Heinrich Meyer, CEO & Founder of Dash Embassy, this partnership would rapidly accelerate the adoption of Dash (Digital Cash). He stated:

Dash is now available to more people than ever. This partnership not only puts Dash and IQ CashNow closer to their shared mission of driving global adoption of cryptocurrency, but it also makes transactions faster and cheaper for merchants across key countries and regions already seeing tremendous crypto growth.

A huge advantage of Dash is that, following the activation of the version 0.14 and the supporting-performance patch, all Dash transactions can be ‘instantly confirmed’ and are ‘instantly spendable’. It signifies that all Dash payments are instantly settled at the point of sale.

Adding to that, Dash transaction fees are very economical; they have been so since the beginning. Credit card transaction fees are between 3.5% and 5%, and the IQ CashNow cryptocurrency payment processing fee is around 1%. The most common Dash transaction size on IQ CashNow is 10-20 Euros, which makes the average fee between 10-20 cents, whereas, the cost of a traditional credit card transaction is around 35-50 cents.

Lastly, the Long Living Masternode Quorums (LLMQs) based ChainLocks system adds considerable protection against mining attacks creating one of the world’s most secure payment (assumed more secure than Bitcoins) networks and an exceptional digital cash experience.

The CEO of IQ CashNow,  Gerald Wirtl, stated:

Dash was an attractive addition for IQ CashNow because it’s capable of settling transactions instantly. Low fees, transaction speed, and security are all core elements to our customers and towards driving broader adoption of cryptocurrency, and we feel Dash is a perfect fit.

Dash has increased its alliances and usability with the goal of worldwide adoption of the cryptocurrency. In addition to the notable collaboration with  IQ CashNow, Dash has also been added to the  Vietnamese exchange Bvnex and  Bitcoin.com’s new exchange.

New research shows that because of intensive mining of Bitcoin in China, the network may be vulnerable to a ‘jurisdictional attack’ where professionals target large mining pools and use them to jeopardize the chain. Dash’s mining distribution is less geographically concentrated, and its master node hosting distribution is concentrated in areas away from their mining zones. This makes a jurisdictional attack hard to be successful, making Dash’s security model more reliable than that of Bitcoin in such cases.

These new enhancements are very promising for Dash’s business and user-adoption goal. They are bound to deplete Bitcoin’s network dominance significantly.

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