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Dash (DASH) Price Analysis: Dash Price Trend Shows Gradual Increase

Dash (DASH), a crypto asset which was established in January 2014, had its price around $0.21 after a few months of its inception. In a remarkable drift, the coin reached as high as $1,642.22 in December 2017, proving its potential.

A couple of months ago, OKEx, one of the leading crypto asset exchange platform had listed Dash along with three other major cryptocurrencies. The exchange also offered 3x leverage option with it. This step hints towards the exposure that the coin is benefitted with.

Dash chart


Current Statistics:

Dash is currently trading at $159.48 at 10:12:45 UTC. Dash holds $1,399,262,791 as its Market capitalization. 8,824,911 Dash are part of its total supply.

Dash has not shown much of a decrease in its price since January 2019. Yet, the increase in its price over the last month is notable. Especially, from 10th May, Dash price indicates strong upward movement till 16th May, when it was standing at $160.38. After facing a plunge, the coin again reached another pick at $177.02 on 19th May. In the last 30 days, Dash has surged by 47.63%, as its price has increased from $108.02 to $159.48 in the past one month.

Additionally, the currency has recently announced an upgrade of its mainnet that will be immune to 51% attack. The news is expected to gear up the next price spike.

Prediction and Conclusion:

Till the end of this year, Dash is likely to give impressive returns, if it maintains or improves its pace. Dash, the cryptocurrency seems trustworthy for investors.


Ruti Vora

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