Dash Price Analysis: Dash Price Hits Deep Water; Expected Recovery Fades

The crypto market has again on a downward trend for mostly all the coins in the market. In the last two days, the market was trying to recover, but nothing happened as expected. The coin market has again fallen, but some marketers still have hopes to recover.

As per the latest news, the third quarter of the year will be bringing many fresh ventures for the altcoins. The traders are gazing at the chart with the expectation to draw some great counters.

The coin was trying to keep up but fell on its knees due to the ongoing pressure in the crypto market.

Let’s have a look at what happened in the last five days in the crypto market.

Current Statistics of DASH:

The chart is taken from Trading View on 1st July 2019, at 09:48:47 UTC.

Dash Price Chart - 1 July
Dash Price Chart

Summary of the Statistics:

  • The price of Dash is 157.613 USD.
  • The market capitalization of Dash is 1,407,790,890 USD.
  • The 24hr Volume of Dash is 286,799,209 USD.
  • The return on investment of Dash is > 9000%.
  • The circulating supply of Dash is 8,893,293 DASH.

Looking at the chart, the coin is indicating a clear downfall in the price. On 26th June, the Dash coin was at $177. The coin jumped from $177 to $187 and booked a progression of 5.50%. The said price is the highest price of the last 5 days. The coin started falling since then. The lowest price on the 27th was $146. From 28th to 29th June, there a recovery in the chart. The coin touched a high $168 on 29th June. On 30th there was a tremendous fall in the price of Dash. If we calculate the drop from 26th June opening price, which was $177 and the closing price on 30th June, $154. The aggregate regression was of 12.28%.

Today, coin opened with a slight upsurge. The coin touched $160 from $154. The uptrend was of 3.74%.

Dash Price Prediction and Conclusion:

The price of Dash is anticipated to rise in the coming days. The month of July is expected to the fruitful for the coin. The traders can go for the coin. By the end of 2019, Dash will be seen dealing at $200, as per our Dash Prediction. The coming years are also assumed to be good for the coin.

However, we strongly recommend for diverging the investment to cut short the risk of the crypto market.

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