Dash Price Analysis: Dash will have moderate price marks before it reaches $150

Dash is slowing speeding up to reach $150. The said price will be achieved in the coming weeks. The current price rush has brought good news for the investors.

Yesterday, Dash opened at $145.89. The price was seen dripping down from the first hour of the day. Dash touched a low at $140.16 and marked a drop by 3.99%. The price was struggling hard to move upward, but couldn’t achieve its goal. Dash closed at $142.89.

On 10th June 2019, Dash is moving North. The opening price of Dash was $140.9. After touching a high of $146 at 07:38 UTC, it is presently dealing at $142.9. The progression from opening price to that of now is marked around 1.37%.

Current Statistics of Dash:

Dash Price Chart - 10 June

  • The price of Dash is $144.01.
  • Dash is at the 14th position on the chart.
  • The 24hr volume of Dash is $353,180,028.
  • The circulation supply of Dash is 8,857,559 DASH.
  • The market capitalization of Dash is around $1,275,571,494.
  • ROI of Dash stands > 9000%.

Dash Price Comparison:

As per the TradingView chart of 10th June 2019, at 09:57: 47 UTC, in the last three months, the price has shown significant growth. The price of Dash on the first march was $82.06. The price escalated to $137.19 on 2nd April. The price of Dash doubled itself from that of the 1st march on 16th May. The highest price of all was touched on 31st May. The price dropped in June 2019 by 18.33%, as the highest price in the last three months was $175.8 and today’s price is $143.194.

Now, if we calculate the progression in price from 1st March 2019, which was $82.06 with the current price, which is $143.19, it will give an aggregation of around 74.05%.

Dash Price Prediction and Conclusion:

Dash is likely to touch $190-$200 by the end of 2019, according to Dash coin price prediction. The investment in Dash will surely give a good Return on Investment. Both short and long term investors can opt for Dash coins. The upcoming business ventures and chart of the previous months are also pointing towards a brighter future.

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