Dash Wallet For iPhone Is Also Compatible With Apple Watch, Shows Live Prices And Receive Money

While the world is moving towards crypto adoption, digital wallets have become more and more popular in the past few months. However, wallets catering to Android and Windows are far more in number than those available for the iOS ecosystem.

Dash Wallet, for instance, is the only digital wallet which provides services for the Dash cryptocurrency. Dash Wallet is also a rare crypto wallet, which supports the Apple Wallet, series 4 and OS5.

The wallet also allows the user to check the live price of Dash, while also receiving money by scanning the barcode on the watch screen. On its App Store, Apple says,

Dash Wallet is the first and only iPhone wallet which connects directly to the dash network. This means that there are no servers to get hacked or go down – your funds are always safe. Even if your phone is lost, damaged or stolen, you can easily recover your funds using your personal recovery phrase.

The Dash Wallet brings a set of unique features for Apple users on the Dash network. Some of these features are quick and secure money transfers, and one-touch payments to websites and merchants who accept Dash. It facilitates secure payments using Apple’s Face ID recognition, and also allows users to store their tokens even more securely due to the built-in hardware encryption.

David Cox

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