• Dash loses 3.86% in one day, and it may soon breach the $60 mark
  • It may find the next resistance at 63.36 USD after the next few days of struggle

Dash price has been down by 3.86% over the last 24 hours, and it has been through three major price swings in the range between 64.47 USD and 58.91 USD. DASH coin is now being traded at 60 USD after losing almost 4.5 USD in a day.

DASH Price Analysis

Dash coin opened the day at 63.31 USD, and its first variation happened between 01:54 UTC and 09:09 UTC. In these 7 hours and 15 minutes, the coin faced a deduction of 4.96% in value that pushed Dash’s price to 61.27 USD. Later it was followed by another 5.51% slump that cost 3.44 USD, and by 15:05 UTC, it brought the price down to 58.91 USD, the lowest of the day. However, from there, Dash coin started showing some strength and achieved a hike of 3.44% and could add 2.03 USD to the value to place itself near 60.91 USD.

DASH Chart By TradingView

Yesterday, the market cap of Dash was 554.890 million USD, and it has been increased to 557.081 million USD over the last 24 hours. Dash has its 50 days moving average at 60.53 USD, and the 100 days moving average is now at 60.37 USD. The current price of Dash at 60.86 USD is 0.81% and 0.54% more than the 100 days and 50 days moving averages, respectively.

Dash (DASH) Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance $63.3666
2nd Resistance $66.1933
3rd Resistance $67.7766
1st Support $58.9566
2nd Support $57.3733
3rd Support $54.5466