Data Analytics Firm, Getida, Merges with Israel’s Inventory Detective

GETIDA, the renowned NewJersey-headquartered data analytics firm that provides intelligent analytic services for sellers on Amazon has announced that its merging with Israel-based Inventory Detective—an FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) inventory reconciliation provider. The news of the merger came forth via a press release from GETIDA on Thursday.

The union of these two companies will foster the perfect platform for GETIDA’s to expand into newer international markets, besides opening doors for procurement of new offerings and services. The goal of the merger is to give birth to a powerhouse of data analytics and reimbursement recovery services for Amazon’s third-party merchants.

As the acquisition marks the first-ever merger in this particular field, both the reimbursement recovery companies will invest their complete potential with the aim of expanding through the Amazon marketplace that boasts of over a million merchants all over the world.

Leveraging on Inventory Detective’s client base, GETIDA will now be able to bring neoteric offerings to the table, within the Amazon merchant marketplace. It will, consequently, bring more market knowledge to and propel further innovation inside GETIDA.

In the words of Max Borin, CEO, and founder of GETIDA,

An Amazon audit is a necessity for every seller to perform. GETIDA helps sellers achieve the highest quality of audit in the industry. The acquisition of Inventory Detective allows GETIDA to gain a larger footprint in our international expansion. By combining resources, we are able to ensure Amazon’s Term of Service compliance and the quality of services performed.

On the other side, CEO of Inventory Detective, Aryeh Kirshblum, is also excited about the merger and the quality of innovation it promises to usher in. He states,

Joining GETIDA gives us the ability to take Inventory Detectives’ many services and provide them to a greater number of sellers worldwide. By combining our strengths, we can surely provide even more value for Amazon sellers.

GETIDA has always been dedicated to enhancing the overall operations of FBA sellers. Their robust auditing software services are capable of effectively keeping track of all inventory transactions, refunds, seller data analytics, and inventory reimbursements. The platform not only allows users to identify potential claims but also assists them in filing and following up on their claims. The organization manages over a billion dollars of transactions annually.

Inventory Detective, at the same time, lets Amazon sellers grow their business by taking care of time-consuming and confusing reimbursement processes so that they, in return, can focus on sourcing for more profitable products. A broad array of reimbursement services, from downloading and reconciling reports to opening cases, are offered to the sellers who need to discover lost, damaged, or destroyed products, all in compliance with Amazon’s Terms of Service.

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