D’Cent Hardware Wallet for Bitcoin – First Hardware Wallet for Bitcoin Smart Contracts!

D’Cent group has effectively acquired 2 billion won from institutional speculation by KIP (Korea Investment Partners), the significant venture capital of Korea for acknowledgment in D’Cent’s excellent security platform and its aggressive contribution in hardware wallet technology. D’Cent runs on RSK network, which gives the capacity to help DApp platforms which uses RSK and RRC-20 tokens like Root infrastructure framework and TEMCO.

The originators behind D’Cent hardware wallet comes from information technology and finance industry with over 17 years of expertise in security arrangements. Extra security features are a unique built-in fingerprint sensor for secure verification to open the device and a large OLED display where the exchanges can be viewed clearly.

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Some of the features of D’Cent wallet are four-way directional buttons which permit faster activity and exact user input. Additionally, the equipment wallet can make Quick Response code on its display, and clients can present it to the sender for quick P2P exchange without association with the wallet application.

Moreover, the D’Cent hardware wallet is adaptable nearly with most of the cryptocurrencies which are available in the market today, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, RRC-20, Ripple, ERC-20, MonaCoin, RSK, and EOS. Later, there are chances that this hardware wallet will be merged with more cryptocurrencies.

D’Cent hardware wallet was made with the purpose of removing the consistent stress of cryptocurrency clients who fear about losing their digital assets due to cyber-attacks on the crypto trades. Moreover, D’Cent hardware wallet helps its users to deal with their personal information with ease.

Additionally, D’Cent hardware wallet works with the D’Cent mobile app, which works perfectly fine with both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, the app offers customized services, like firmware updates, model change of the device, and shows the users present digital assets dependent on ongoing trade rates.

D’Cent hardware wallet includes a built-in fingerprint scanner feature that oversees access to the hardware wallet. This security procedure improves the satisfaction of the clients and strengthens the security during access control. Moreover, it likewise gives the wallet quick signing of the transaction.

Finally, D’Cent’s back up, and restoration feature makes it workable for the clients to recover the lost information if the information gets stolen, lost, or deleted. The wallet recovery procedure included in the wallet is enhanced to guarantee that there is a quick and simple recovery of information.

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