D’CENT Releases Wallet for Erc-721 Tokens

The first ever storage mechanism designed for ERC – 721 (NFT) tokens has just been released by D’CENT, a leading crypto cold wallet hardware company. Storing outfit items from the game will be available to the general public by the end of this April this year.

Typically, cold wallets are used to improve cryptocurrencies and tokens safety. These hardware storage devices are offline, which means that the cryptocurrencies they hold cannot be stolen without the wallet being physically accessed by the thief.

The wallet supports Non – Fungible Token (NFT), a, not replaceable, ERC-721 token that can be used to trade unique items. CryptoKitties is the most popular implementation of ERC-721 to date.

It is also worth noting that NFT (Non – fungible Token) support is known to be the company behind this inception – D’CENT – which was a LoTrust creation. In other words, NFT is basically a token with a distinguishable and recognizable element that has proved useful when it comes to dealing with unique goods that can hold on to their unique values. One of the best examples of this is Cryptokitties that made a name for itself as a popular tokenized game item based on the ERC-721 standard premise. The platform enables users to breed, trade and collect virtual kittens with their own unique “attributes” that shape their appearances, such as fur type, pattern and eye shape.

Having said that, D’CENT is compatible with such tokenized game items that bear the ERC-721 standard mark that can then be stored in the wallet in turn.

A security element of the EAL5 + bank-grade combined with a safe operating system incorporated in the microprocessor is currently available for purchase from the D’CENT website. It also seems to have an OLED display, an integrated fingerprint scanner, and connectivity to Bluetooth.

Before the wallet officially launches, the company plans to give away 20 sets of 50 wallets “as development support for blockchain projects. Applications appear to be open on the official website or Onoffmix platform for blockchain – based game – application companies from March 18 to March 29. The wallets of the winners are custom designed.

“In the current market, we still have to see a cold wallet that can support tokens based on ERC-721,” said D’CENT CEO Sangsu Baek. With prices rising above the $ 150,000 mark last year for the rarest of CryptoKitties, there seems to be a gap in the market for securing game items.

The D’CENT Hardware Wallet features high – level security, including data encryption, an embedded secure operating system, and stand-alone private key generation, and users can expect the same from the next company offer.

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