deBridge goes live on the Solana network

deBridge recently announced going live on Solana after 1+ years of development. The network released a string of tweets to inform users about the integration.

According to the tweets, the integration will bring seamless interoperability to Solana. At the same time, it will enable Solana to conduct liquidity transfers between EVM blockchains. With the collaboration, deBridge has unlocked end-to-end value exchange and composability between EVM blockchains and Solana.

Bidirectional interoperability is also a major property deBridge has brought to Solana. The partnership will allow protocols on EVM and Solana to interact by interconnecting smart contracts in two different environments.

This will enable developers to develop money legos throughout the ecosystem using their native language. Ultimately, it will resolve the lingering issue faced by EVM developers on Solana – the need to develop forks of the codebase in Rust.

The EVM-SOL-Serializer by deBridge will allow the network to prepare for automatic execution directly on Solidity. Besides this, Solana developers now have a way to draft messages to be shared with any smart contract on EVM chains.

With the deBridge Solana SDK, projects can connect their Solana projects to deBridge’s infrastructure. Moreover, these projects can also start sharing cross-chain messages across the network.

Currently, any protocol on the Solana network is capable of sending messages to EVM chains. It allows them to deploy a Safe account that can be moderated from Solana, making it simple to interact with DeFi primitives in EVM.

With the help of deBridge-Solana-SDK and EVM-SOL-Serializer, developers on EVM and Solana can freely create and cross-compose. The integration is also addressing the rising interoperability issue in the market.

deBridge will remove liquidity pools from the process, so its async approach can enable X-chain exchange to occur without transfer limits or slippage. The users have warmly welcomed the development as deBridge gets ready to share more updates with them. 

Roxanne Williams

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