Decentraland introduces Crystal City in the metaverse

Decentraland, the blockchain-powered 3D virtual world platform, has introduced Crystal City, a new metaverse destination designed by Felipe Escudero. Decentraland has partnered with Escudero, a futuristic architect from LEDY, and Decent Amusement, the manager of the Central Marketplace District, to build a new metaverse city on Polygon. Creators, retailers, and other businesses would be able to book space in the new metaverse city at rates that were within their budgets.

Crystal Tower, which stands 548 feet tall, is the tallest multipurpose structure in Decentraland. The new polygon blockchain project will be approximately 16 acres in size and will include shops, offices, galleries, events, and the tallest observation platform.

Felipe Escudero, a leading metaverse developer and visionary architect, overcame the restrictions of contemporary physical reality. Crystal City’s growing metallic crystal-shaped skyscraper resembles a glacier erupting from its iceberg bed, with an observation deck located on the sixteenth story of Crystal Tower.

The foundation of Crystal City is 119,622 square feet, about the size of two football fields. GEM, a two-story organic-shaped sculpture conceived by Escudero, is a community gallery space in the heart of the public event space. His animations demonstrate that Escudero is profoundly influenced by the natural world.

Felipe, an architect from Ecuador, said that there are many new opportunities for design to explore in the metaverse that don’t even exist in the physical world. It may present a vision of the future and serve as a motivation for people.

Crystal City’s design is a major metaverse landmark with cutting-edge design and basic services for tenants. This new launch would be a great place for a company or creator to build their appearance in the metaverse.

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