Decentraland shares 2024 Manifesto, charts the future route

Decentraland has highlighted that it is aiming to launch the powerful Desktop Client, laying the groundwork for what is about to come—future VR plus mobile versions. This is based on the developments that Decentraland has seen with its launches in the previous year, which was 2023. This includes Smart Wearables, SDK 7, and Emotes 2.0, among others.

Decentraland is confident that the work in 2024 will set the track for all future developments, starting with its mobile version and Virtual Reality.

Four key goals highlighted in the manifesto are releasing the advanced version of Desktop Client, removing entry barriers for users coming to the platform for the first time, supporting the community’s growth, and investing in creating content that engages with the audience. Along with it, Decentraland will invest its efforts in expanding language support, diversifying payment methods, and improving education resources.

Simply put, Decentraland’s 2023 Manifesto entails aspects of offering convenience to existing creators, streamlining the onboarding process, and spreading awareness within the ecosystem by avoiding crypto-related slang.

Desktop Client is posed to render hundreds of avatars interacting with each other. They will also feature advanced locomotive capabilities and engage in life-like activities including, but not limited to, swimming, climbing, and sliding. Needless to say, all of it is subject to improvement and updates in due time. Users’ feedback will give ideas to Decentraland’s core team, which will then mark the areas for improvement.

It has been stated that the current roadmap draws attention to sophisticated engineering skills, adding that it must inculcate the essence of a vibrant and open world.

The middle of 2024 may see the alpha launch of Desktop Client, per the official announcement by Decentraland. Removing entry barriers in simple terms means being more accessible for users with a self-explanatory registration process. Moreover, it means that users can transact in the virtual world without any hindrance caused by the system. Decentraland has plans in the pipeline to remove the need to create a digital wallet for registration. That would indeed trigger a strong interest among interested users.

New engaging content means that the team is reworking into a gamified experience. It provides an enjoyable storyline for users to learn about the native ecosystem.

Decentraland has introduced a reward system for its players. It is closely linked to how players explore and engage with Decentraland. The progress players will determine the level of rewards they have made in their activities.


The Decentraland Ambassador Program supports community growth. Those already a part of the program are reportedly planning local events, with more such participants likely to join in 2024. More in-person and online sessions will likely be announced to spread awareness and increase engagement.

Decentraland’s 2024 Manifesto has done little for MANA, its native token. The value is up by 1.68% in the last 24 hours, exchanging hands at $0.456. It also marks a jump of 9.39% in the last 7 days.

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