Decentraland sheds light on Retro 2D Client

Decentraland’s open protocol has been explored immensely by Retro 2D Client, also known as 2dcl. The DAO grant-funded project has achieved success in transforming the DCL landscape into a 2D pixel art experience.

Players are sure to receive benefits since they are allowed to upload their 2D avatars. 2dcl has not just been built with the open protocol of Decentraland; it has also been able to incorporate DCL code in the venture of creating an alternate Decentraland dimension.

2dcl is in the works, with not all features operative as of now. Players can still get a glimpse of the possibility that the project carries in the development phase.

2dcl is a brainchild of frantufro with the objective of taking advantage of the open-protocol system of Decentraland. The goal is to enable creators to explore. However, the beginning was pretty unclear about constructing a complex virtual world via Decentraland’s offering. Challenge nonetheless, 2dcl took it up and strengthened the position after securing the grant in June 2022.

Developers and artists were then recruited to take things forward. 2dcl made it more interesting with the Bevy game engine. That was the starting point, and the team eventually ended up attempting to create a client that was the first one to use the API and protocol of Decentraland outside the Foundation client.

The code for the project is open-source. It follows the line of Decentraland And Foundation. The initial version of the project is available for download on the official webpage. It was dropped in May 2023, with more versions expected to be rolled out soon.

Since 2dcl is in the initial works, one can expect the team to drop more updates in the coming months. A precise number of updates or installments are unknown; however, 2dcl may soon share those pieces of information as well. The success, for now, is that the team of frantufuro has been able to fulfill the goal of assessing the feasibility for the purpose of project creation in Decentraland without using the Foundation’s code.

They have invited the community to share their feedback and experience. 2dcl remains committed to resolving bugs, if any, and takes up the experience of users for more improvements.

Decentraland’s vision is to have an open-source open, platform virtual world. 2dcl is merely trying to push that vision. This has begun with allowing players to update their 2d creations. The process is rather manual and has to be done from their end.

Metaverse, claims Decentraland, is full of areas that one is yet to explore.

A lot of the success of 2dcl has been credited to the way Decentraland and the ecosystem function. It has been designed as an open protocol for contributors, then allowing the community to bring their projects to take the legacy of the virtual forward. New entrants can choose to utilize the already-crafted templates for an experience. Finally, the community is encouraged to find ways to explore the potential of Decentraland.

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