Decentralized Ethereum Community Reportedly in Favor of Integrating ProgPoW

Ethereum development partners approved the ProgPoW Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)-proof algorithm.

The ‘Programmatic Proof of Work ‘ is called ProgPoW. It is an extension of the Ethereum algorithm Ethash that is currently used and is intended to improve competitiveness and centralization for graphics cards. Two algorithm features allow these tasks to be achieved.

ProgPoW means that every internal memorizing loop is a randomly generated program based on a block number, i.e., one iteration of a problem-solving process. The program is designed to operate commodity GPUs efficiently and uses a large part of the GPU feature. ProgPoW changes the problem statement in mining regularly. GPUs can quickly adapt, reducing the efficiency gap compared with ASICs.

Given the development of the thinking that led to the delay in Ethereum’s move from work evidence to work evidence, some groups in the community have believed that ASIC manufacturers may have played on Ethereum’s current work – proof algorithm Ethash. Thus, ASIC miners begin to monopolize the network hazard rate, which leads to centralization threats.

ProgPoW uses all graphics card components in their entirety. ASICs have only one specific task to perform. That’s why they’re so good at selecting block solution combinations. But they can only do it – you can’t play video games with them. In contrast, GPU’s are flexible, both for mining and gaming applications. Random cache reads small-sized with a minimum delay. Cached read forces ASICs to respect GPU hierarchy rules. This also limits their performance and capacity.

Although many of the communities believe that GPU network optimization will allow more Ethereum users to compete for the new protocol – adjudicated Crypto – Money, Alexey Akhunov, a developer, is one who believes that large mining businesses will likely push these people away whatever type of chips are used.

As Hudson mentions in his blog, “IfDefElse,” a small community group, initially proposed the use of ProgPoW and that the Community of Ethereum considers integrating it into the next fork in the intelligent contraction platform.

The implementation and security of ProgPoW, along with its network effects, are of great concern. As these substitutes for the current proof of work algorithm, a technical algorithm audit is cautious and would alleviate these concerns and confirm that ProgPoW is the safe substitute for Ethash.

Ethereum Cat Herders currently has “identified two major tasks for ProgPoW review and audit,” Hudson said. These include assessing the sense of community towards ProgPoW’s implementation and also conducting ProgPoW’s “technical audit.”

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