DeeStream Captures the Attention of Crypto Elites: Bitcoin and Dogecoin Investors Eye Paradigm Shift in Streaming

The Bitcoin halving is in full effect, and the excitement about a potential bull market is palpable across all crypto communities, including Dogecoin. However, while both Bitcoin and Dogecoin might remain good investment targets in 2024, the biggest gains are reserved for promising projects that have yet to scratch the surface of their vast moon potential.

That’s exactly what the exciting new crypto presale investment opportunity DeeStream is. Heading into stage 2 of its much-awaited presale, DeeStream has also captivated scores of elite crypto investors, including members of the Bitcoin and Dogecoin communities. Learn why analysts have DeeStream penciled in for a potential 100x gain.

Bitcoin holders buzzing over halving speculation

The Bitcoin halving is officially priced in, and holders can’t be more excited. The diminishing supply of Bitcoin and the increasing institutional interest from TradFi companies has speculators forecasting what could be another epic run. Nevertheless, Bitcoin remains far from perfect, falling far away from the original vision of the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto whose intention was to create an “electronic peer-to-peer cash system.” It’s slow, it takes massive computational power to mine and has very little going for it besides the “store of value” narrative. 2024 will be a critical acid test for Bitcoin—has it jumped the shark?

Dogecoin Day fails to stoke interest in dog-themed meme coin

Dogecoin recently celebrated its “Dogecoin Day” last April 20th, but it hasn’t exactly translated into any significant nor tangible gains thus far. As of April 23rd, Dogecoin was trading at $0.15, trading at a 15% loss in the past two weeks. Typically, every celebration of Dogecoin Day was followed by a significant increase in Dogecoin prices in past years. This development could be an indication that Dogecoin is already slipping in mindshare, losing ground to newer projects with stronger narratives.

DeeStream elevating live streaming to a whole new level with presale launch

The biggest gains are reserved for low-cap gems with real-world utility and innovation backing them. And in 2024, few presale investment opportunities are as tantalizing as DeeStream. DeeStream is taking live streaming to Web3, competing squarely with giants like YouTube, Twitch, and Kick. However, the key difference with DeeStream is that it has none of the problems content creators face regarding draconian policies and degraded user experience. DeeStream is essentially the equivalent of YouTube, with all its bells and whistles, but built on Web3.

Content creators will stand to earn more on DeeStream compared to centralized video streaming platforms using its native token DST. Meanwhile, even users and presale investors will be rewarded with a revenue share on platform fees, giving early adopters a major incentive in the form of passive income. How cool is that?

This is why observers predict that DeeStream could be on the verge of a breakout year and why the live streaming industry could change forever. With stage 2 presale prices at just $0.066, DeeStream could be the perfect investment opportunity for individuals looking for the next 100x gem.

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here. 

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