DeeStream presale heats up, attracting Stellar and Ripple fans ready to challenge Twitch’s dominance

DeeStream’s presale is the order of the day as it continues to garner investors from Blockchain and cryptocurrency, who consider it the new oil well. The presale attracts Stellar and Ripple fans ready to change Twitch’s dominance as a traditional streaming platform.

DeeStream addresses the fundamental issues that content creators struggle with across centralized streaming platforms. Its decentralized nature is attracting content creators all over the globe, which is seen as a step toward massive growth from the DeeStream token. Analysts think that with its current state, the token will further witness a massive increase anticipated in the Bull Run Bitcoin halving. 

Rival Twitch’s dominance

DeeStream is currently considered a potential alternative to Twitch. Sponsored advertising, low platform fees, and subscription charges generate revenue for the platform, and 50% of the revenue is shared among DeeStream token holders.

Unlike traditional platforms, where content creators face bans and withdrawals that can take days, DeeStream assures users and investors of greater autonomy, voting rights, fast withdrawals, and the lowest fees.

DeeStream presale is in Stage 2, with DST tokens at $0.055. With 17k+ registered users & 3.2k investors, DeeStream is attracting massive attention all over the globe and demonstrating growing engagement. As early birds, investors who take part in the presale are guaranteed participation in governance & potential rewards. With liquidity locked indefinitely, DeeStream is one streaming Blockchain platform that prioritizes security & transparency, making it a popular investment opportunity. 

Stellar and Ripple fans ready to challenge Twitch’s dominance

Stellar and Ripple’s fans are ready to challenge Twitch’s dominance in the streaming world as they continue to troop in large numbers to DeeStream. These fans are seizing the opportunity to transform the traditional streaming ecosystem and foster a more decentralized atmosphere in Blockchain technology. Thus, with the current happenings and innovation in the Blockchain industry, Stellar, and Ripple’s fans are interested in diverting their attention from Twitch and focusing on DeeStream, which is offering better opportunities and laying the block for a decentralized streaming platform.

Stellar and Ripple fans are currently gearing up to contest the supremacy of platforms such as Twitch in the streaming platform, and to do this, they need a very strong opposition, and DeeStream is the best alternative. Built on Blockchain technology and decentralized platforms, enthusiasts of Stellar and Ripple are paying more detailed attention to DeeStream streaming platforms, which give the lowest transaction fees, more autonomy, and creators exclusive rights to their content, allowing for the expansion of their fanbase.

Find out more on DeeStream’s official website. Its token presale is ongoing.

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