High hopes for DeeStream with 40x surge forecasted as XRP & Ethereum Classic investors flock to stage 2

The DeeStream decentralized streaming platform, akin to a blend of YouTube and Twitch but with a unique twist, has attracted significant attention from investors amidst forecasts of a 40x surge. DeeStream is different because it uses blockchain technology to make a place where people who make videos can talk to their fans all over the world.

XRP and Ethereum Classic are also getting a lot of attention from investors because of their price movements in the market. Ripple’s XRP, despite facing uncertainties due to legal battles with regulatory authorities, witnessed heightened investor interest fueled by whale activity. On the other hand, Ethereum Classic experienced fluctuations in its price but remains a point of anticipation for investors. Moreover, these investors flock to DeeStream presale stage 2.

Ripple attracts attention amidst whale activity

Despite a recent downturn in the broader cryptocurrency market, XRP, a cryptocurrency associated with Ripple Labs, garnered significant investor attention on April 4th. XRP had slipped below the $0.6 mark due to market corrections, but the surge in whale activity, highlighted by Whale Alert, fueled discussions about its potential price action ahead. 

Two transactions within the past 24 hours saw 25.6 million coins transferred to Bitstamp and 20 million coins to Bitso, both CEXs. It’s hard to say if XRP will reach $1 in April because there are a lot of things affecting its price right now. Ripple is in a legal fight with the United States SEC, which makes things uncertain.

Ethereum Classic’s price trends

The weekly price of Ethereum Classic has seen a slight decrease, ranging between $32.3 and $31.7, with a decline of 1.84%. At the start of April, Ethereum Classic was valued at $34.3 per unit, leading many to anticipate further increases in its price. However, despite reaching as high as $34.77 earlier in the month, Ethereum Classic has experienced a minor decline since the beginning of the quarter.

As of the present moment, Ethereum Classic is valued at $31.76 per unit. Although this is an improvement from its starting price in the first quarter of the year, Ethereum Classic has still witnessed a decline compared to the previous week. Despite these fluctuations, Ethereum Classic holders can remain hopeful for a rebound, especially considering the high point it reached in March around $38.

High hopes for DeeStream with massive surge forecasted

DeeStream is a streaming platform where people who create videos can connect directly with their fans all over the world. It’s a combination of YouTube and Twitch, but better. That’s because it’s made using blockchain technology. So, people who make videos can share them, talk to their fans and even sell their videos on the DeeStream store. The way DeeStream works is simple yet innovative.

DeeStream offers instant payments, low fees, free speech, and more. For instance, It shares its revenue with people who buy tokens early by using the revenue from sponsored ads, platform fees, and subscription charges. With its presale currently in Stage 2, offering tokens at a price of $0.06, DeeStream has already attracted over 17,800 registered users and 3,400 investors.

Find out more about the DeeStream presale by visiting the website here.

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