Limited supply DeeStream’s stage 2 presale explosion attracts Cardano & Polkadot for potential 50x returns amid a streaming boom

Polkadot has recently dropped below $9 but remains bullish as future developments start to induce bullish sentiment among traders. On the other end, Cardano is facing the test with potential support levels already identified around the latest downswing. Amid these dynamics, DeeStream’s Stage 2 presale is gathering some serious momentum as it offers an interesting opportunity for investment to its backers with its limited token supply and innovative platform features within the scope of a decentralized streaming service. 

Now that Cardano and Polkadot are surviving, DeeStream’s disruptive approach to the market opportunity is hugely compelling in the burgeoning streaming market. This will take a strategic analysis as the investor moves to tap into changing trends in the dynamic crypto-scape.

Cardano’s price trajectory amidst market scrutiny

Cardano is under intense scrutiny as analysts assess its potential price trajectory. Alan Santana, who is highly regarded in the field of analysis, has recently given his technical analysis with a surge followed by a slump but key levels of support for this coin’s future. During a decline below the critical support at $0.5800 in a trajectory direction, Santana pinpoints that the retracement support should hold between the levels at $0.4444 and $0.3450.

Nonetheless, Cardano’s long-term outlook is one of the analysts remaining conservatively bullish. The next Alonzo upgrade will enable this, which should further increase Cardano’s utility by allowing more use cases and applications on the network. Along with the favorable market settings, it could offer a catalyst to trigger a turnaround in Cardano’s price action.

Polkadot’s struggle amidst market volatility

Polkadot gets up to a tough market performance, as the asset trades below $9 and gets under a Death Cross pattern that may signal more losses. This combines its struggles at a time when Bitcoin remains extremely volatile. At the same time, Polkadot lags well behind many other smart contract assets. Following an RSI under neutral with waning investor interest, the path points to further price risks for the asset around the $8.63 level.

Potential lows for Polkadot risks exist. A few analysts, however, remain optimistic due to solid fundamentals and continually building the ecosystem. With the expected parachain rollouts and other milestones planned in the roadmap, new functionality could always come that could gain new interest from investors, creating bullish momentum.

DeeStream’s explosive stage 2 presale

The DeeStream stage 2 presale has been blowing off investor interest meters, especially when considering the promises of decentralized streaming and the seemingly expected 50x returns. This new crypto asset can make much more than investors could receive from the existing market offering or streamers could eventually receive from regular streaming services. Some factors DeeStream offers its investors include audited security, limited token supply, attractive pricing, and potential revenue-sharing.

This streaming service is now standing out as one of the projects tipped for a boom in the global streaming market for a long time. This startup aims to render the platform with the best security, transparency, and reward for its content creators and viewers, using blockchain technology and decentralized governance.

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here.

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