DeFi Land, a GameFi Subsidiary, Announces Land NFT Seed Sale

The token launch, the opening of the DeFi Land public beta, the brand-new Edit Mode, and many sneak peeks into how DeFi Land plans to gamify everything else in the cryptocurrency community all happened in 2021. The group keeps adding innovative features even though they work towards one of DeFi Land’s objectives of becoming the greatest trusted onramp for crypto consumers to join the DeFi space.

Today, they’re declaring their biggest step toward that goal: the unveiling of the gamified Gen-0 NFT.

They plan to launch the NFT in true DeFi Land fashion. Rather than having yet again received another generative drop, contestants can boost their probability of gaining infrequent or numerous NFTs merely by becoming good farmers. This is how it works:

  • DeFi Landers will pay 2 SOL for just a seed which must be sown in their game. They genuinely think that this is a reasonable price that really is comparable to other initiatives, particularly in the present market. There seem to be 7,500 seeds accessible with the same Metadata, which means they always have the same graphic and possibility, and each wallet could only buy four seeds. Your seed will mature into your Gen-0 NFT bonuses.
  • Once you plant the seed, you commit to a 30-day smart contract. A solitary wallet could only plant one NFT seed in their land. Users will also have one chance to hydrate the seed every 24 hours for an expense of 50–150 DFL tokens. The more you hydrate your plant, the “healthier” it will become, leading to better rewards after the period of 30 days.
  • After thirty days, your plant will be ready for harvesting. Your bonuses will be distributed according to a 5-tier framework. Your tier would be ascertained by the frequency with which you water (recollect, users, have such a chance to hydrate once every 24 hours for the period of 30 days) and the volume of water you use each and every day. Assume you plant your seed and do not have time to water it every day. In Tier 5, you would still receive your NFT, but your possibilities of having received a rare drop will indeed be reduced.

If you are a conscientious farmer who now has managed to accumulate sufficient DFL to hydrate your seed on a daily basis, you can advance to Tier 1 and obtain up to four Gen-0 NFTs, with the greatest chance to earn a rare item. The following is a brief description of each tier:

Tier 5 = a total of 0–750 DFL added. The reward is a single Gen-0 NFT with a tiny possibility of having received a rare item.

Tier 4 consists of 751–2000 DFL in total. The reward is two Gen-0 NFTs, with a possibility of having received a rare item.

Tier 3 = total of 2001–3000 DFL. The reward is two Gen-0 NFTs, with a higher possibility of having received a rare item.

Tier 2 = a total of 3001–4199 DFL. The reward is three Gen-0 NFTs with a moderate possibility of having received a rare item.

Tier 1 = a total of 4200–4500 DFL. The reward is four Gen-0 NFTs, with a maximum chance of having received a rare item.

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