DeFi Mining Is Now Live on Bybit

The growing competition in decentralized finance (DeFi) is leading to many innovations in the domain. The latest addition to the list of novel features has come from Curve Finance which has extended the convenience of earning higher yields on volatile assets. The feature known as DeFi mining is now available on the product constellation offered by Bybit. The ByFi line-up of the Bybit is now offering a seamless onramp facility to users, and all this can be done by just choosing a plan and staking the money on Bybit.

As of now, the protocol of Curve Finance is supported by the DeFi mining capabilities of Bybit. Once the funds are staked on the Bybit, they will be configured for the process of liquidity mining facilitated by Curve Finance. Users can claim the reward in terms of the CRV governance tokens and even have the opportunity to earn a part of the transaction fees associated with the platform. Bybit will help users sell their freshly mined tokens in the market, and the yields associated with the mining will get automatically deposited in their account on the Bybit.

The customer-oriented services offered by Bybit are unparalleled in terms of their reliability. The on-chain management of the wallets has been easy and convenient, and thanks to the flexible investment plans offered by the platform (7-day, 14-day, and 21-day), investors get a wide variety of short-term investment options to choose from. This also helps in reducing the long-term volatility of the investment and makes tracking of funds more effective and efficient.

Another important aspect is that the gas fees via this process become shared among users, making the investment process even more cost-effective. No wonder every Bybit review raves about the platform’s utility for investors who want to make profitable trades in the short term and long term.

Trevor Holman

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