Udao Review 2023: Success towards skills economy!

Udao is a platform designed to prioritize real-world knowledge and practical skills by acting as a hub for organizations and learners worldwide. Udao is powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology that matches the skills of its users with the demands of different organizations, thereby effectively closing all gaps in skills and knowledge. Udao ensures alignment with the organizations’ growth and rapid advances in the global labor market, preparing individuals with skills and knowledge for tomorrow. However, read our Udao review further and know about the platform in detail.

Udao platform helps users gain the required skills to land suitable jobs in the future, targeting more than 1 billion skillful learners by 2030. The platform is powered by anywAI AG and is headquartered in the Zug Crypto Valley in Switzerland. It uses a decentralized Web3 AI-driven platform to allow its users to exercise control over their skill development, connect with organizations, and collaborate with them in a fair and transparent environment.

Udao Platform Interface

Emerging need for a global skills platform

The World Economic Forum (WEF) reported that around 1 billion people worldwide require reskilling. The pressing issue requires a skill-building platform on a global level. People are concerned about the startling statistics where about 50% of the current skills are most likely to expire within 3 to 5 years. This requires a skill development platform to revolutionize the skill-based economy and society to stay relevant.

Udao learners access relevant courses in tune with the requirements of other hiring people and organizations. It addresses the current issues of inequality in reskilling, upskilling, and skill gaps. The platform began with a strong vision when the CEO, Selim Kangledi, envisioned a future where a decentralized Web3 AI-driven platform would control skill development, taking precedence over conventional diplomas. Right at the core of the global skill-building platform is the objective to empower its users and teach new skills that match current job opportunities.

Compared to the traditional educational system, the Udao platform leverages artificial intelligence to match users’ skills with the current market demand and provides practical and real-world skills.

Benefits of Udao

  • Up- and ReskillWith Udao, learners can get direct access to tailored courses that help them match the requirements of hiring organizations and help them upskill or reskill to fill the skill gaps that indicate the industry’s pressing issues.
  • Redefine SuccessThe innovative global model of Udao ensures that its users are the stakeholders in the platform’s success. Users can stay relevant even without any degrees in the job market. All users need to do is focus on market-relevant skills.
  • Vibrant MarketplaceUdao users can connect within the ecosystem of various organizations, instructors, and learners.
  • Efficient LearningGet started with efficient learning through personalized education driven by artificial intelligence for individual growth on the Udao platform.

About UDAO Token 

The platform also has introduced its native token, UDAO, the platform’s digital asset that plays an essential role within the UDAO ecosystem by incentivizing organizations, learners, and instructors to participate actively and contribute heavily to the platform.

UDAO Token

UDAO fosters a more democratic approach, allowing users to make sound decisions in a secure and transparent environment. It operates under strict service regulations that protect users against financial scams and ensure that the platform is 100% legit and transparent. Using UDAO tokens can reward users automatically for their regular, legitimate activities on the platform, thereby nurturing an engaging and active community through the Contribute to Earn (C2E) mechanism. UDAO token holders can participate in a democratic decision-making process through governance rights to ensure a user-centric approach.

Additionally, UDAO tokens are a versatile currency on the platform for tipping instructors, receiving discounts, and making payments. UDAO token holders can enjoy advanced platform features, early access, and exclusive token offerings and services, thereby providing users with an enriching experience. UDAO token ownership also grants token holders platform ownership and authority over the virtual platform, thereby fostering a sense of active participation and ownership.

UDAO tokenomics & presale

The UDAO tokenomics is carefully designed, keeping long-term growth and sustainability in mind. The distribution of these tokens is intended to build a thriving and sustainable community. The ecosystem has a fixed supply of 200,000,000 UDAO tokens distributed across seed and team, project financing, community and ecosystem, foundation treasury, liquidity, and advisors.

UDAO token holders can participate in the validation of content governance, decisions, and dispute resolution and get rewards in return. The journey of the Udao platform began with its first presale from 25 September to 5 October 2023. It offers a golden opportunity to get into the promising Udao project where early adopters may get a special place during the UDAO token presale to earn significant rewards. Apart from this, there are multiple ongoing crypto presales happening in the crypto world, so one should definitely know about them to upgrade their crypto portfolio.

UDAO Tokenomics

Udao roadmap & future outlook 

The Udao platform offers the most modern transformative solution to ensure the relevance of job skills in the new decentralized blockchain era. It is designed to give utmost importance to real-world knowledge by encouraging individuals to stay relevant and committed to lifelong skill building and learning, irrespective of their current degrees or diplomas.

The Udao platform is reshaping the future of work and education by celebrating the power of knowledge, skill, and collaboration. It is a platform for the end of education and its UDAO token. It plays a vital role in the ecosystem and grants users access to exclusive features, platform rewards, and governance decisions.

Q3 2022 – Planning

  • Business Model for the benefit of the community
  • Sustainable Tokenomics defined
  • Partnership with global Coaching Experts
  • MVP for Skill Assessments
  • Anchor Investors

Q1 2023 – Foundation

  • Fulfill the highest Swiss compliance standards
  • Experienced Advisory Board
  • Private Sale with Group of Investors

Q3 2023 – Start Up

  • Community Building +20k
  • Whitepaper
  • Platform Testing with early access
  • Public presale launch

Q4 2023 – Launch

  • Audited Smart Contracts
  • Token Launch & IO
  • Token Listings on DEX
  • Exchange Listings on CEX
  • Udao Platform – Official Launch for the Public

2024+ – Global Empowerment

  • Tier 1 CEX Listings
  • DAO
  • Global Skill Initiatives to benefit the society
  • Onboarding of Organizations
  • Udao Foundation

Udao Review : Conclusion

To conclude, Udao is a blockchain-based and AI-driven Web3 project operated by anywAI AG, located in the Crypto Valley Zug in Switzerland. The platform enjoys the highest degree of global protection for cryptocurrency businesses. It envisions a community that is empowered through upskilling and reskilling in a mutually beneficial and collaborative way for the well-being of society. It focuses on bridging the gap in skills in the job market for the next-gen workers.

The platform focuses on innovative skill-building, business models, and market-relevant reskilling. Whether the current job searchers are looking to scout, teach, or learn about skills and talents, the Udao platform provides a place to unlock every potential to contribute to a more enhanced world through collaboration, knowledge, and skills.

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