DeFi, such as Oryen Network, Maker, and Convex Finance, allow you to stay in control of your assets

Decentralization of finance is changing the world order by bringing financial matters into the hands of individuals. As a result, there has been a significant rise in DeFi protocols promoting this major devolution by encouraging the world to decentralize their finance. 

Centralization in crypto has brought in a new risk in the market as of what crypto fans have witnessed lately from the defunct crypto exchange FTX that allegedly embezzled $8 billion worth of clients’ funds and investments from different institutions. The siphoning of funds reportedly occurred under the central command of the firm’s founder and former CEO, Sam Bankman Fried.

Oryen Network, Marker, and Convex utility on the rise

Marker is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization whose utility eliminates biases in finance. MarkerDAO‘s smart contracts facilitate the creation of DAI; a stablecoin pegged to the USD in the ratio of 1:1. The marker ecosystem was developed by a Danish online entrepreneur, Rune Christensen, in 2014. DAI stablecoin offers investors an opportunity to earn passive income as it can be deposited in several service-providing platforms that generate yield for all stakes.

On the other hand, Convex is a yield optimizer that currently runs on the DeFi Curve protocol. The platform allows holders to earn rewards in the ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency, CRV. Curve is a decentralized crypto and derivatives exchange DEX that currently houses a liquidity pool on Ethereum. Curve is specifically designed for users to swap stablecoins.

Oryen is the future of DeFi

Although Convex and Maker are regarded as the future of DeFi, a fairly new network is surfacing the internet. Oryen Network is proving to be the most promising protocol, promising to help investors accumulate wealth. The project is currently in presale, offering a significant bonus to early buyers. The current price of ORY, Oryen’s native digital asset, goes for $0.175; however, during its launch, the token will sell for $0.35.

The network will have a larger ecosystem than most DeFi protocols have at the moment. Oryen will launch a decentralized marketplace soon, running on BNB Smart Chain. Dubbed Oryen Swap, the DEX will quickly gain traction due to the expected high liquidity to be provided by staking giants. Oryen users who provide liquidity to the exchange will earn ORY tokens as rewards from the earnings made during trading activities.

Oryen Swap

Oryen Swap DEX aside, the network also incorporates a Risk-free value wallet that generates assets through trading fees. The wallet incorporates an auto-staking and auto-compounding feature that allows ORY holders to earn passive income without transacting their holdings to staking contracts that have also increased risk levels to funds. 


Although DeFi protocols are flooding the decentralized markets, it is becoming evident that the Oryen network outperforms most of them. Through its inbuilt Positive Rebase Formula, Oryen offers 90% APY returns. Don’t miss out on this massive opportunity. Buy ORY today and become a member of the fastest-growing ecosystem. 

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