Deficliq Strike Investment Partnership with Vendetta Capital

DeFi lending network established on Polkadot blockchain, Deficliq, announced that it has acquired an investment partnership with the Turkey-based Vendetta Capital. Deficliq added that the partnership would leverage its future endeavors to progress in the decentralized finance space.

For the past few months, especially since the beginning of the global economic slowdown, DeFi has witnessed tremendous growth. Demand for all kinds of DeFi products, including lending, has been increasing. Deficliq offers DeFi lending products like collateral and non-collateral loans, making it one of the highly potent DeFi projects in the market. Its efforts in the DeFi space has helped it move up in the CoinGekko’s list of top 300 crypto-blockchain projects.

On the other hand, Vendetta Capital has an elite investment portfolio that includes big names like Polkastarter, Geeq, Mantra DAO, etc. It currently functions in many countries and envisions to strengthen global expansion. It provides investment and funding solutions to up and coming blockchain companies, functioning as an accelerator for start-ups.

In an official statement praising Vendetta Capital for their effective work ethics, Deficliq said,

Deficliq said

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