Deficliq Welcomes Charlie Shrem on Its Board as a Strategic Advisor

Polkadot based DeFi custodial service provider Deficliq announced on Sunday that Charlie Shrem has joined its board as a strategic advisor. Charlie Shrem is a core member of the Bitcoin Foundation and a legacy entrepreneur of the crypto-blockchain industry and is expected to bring his expertise on board for DeFi.

As a DeFi project, Deficliq is focused on unifying all DeFi projects on the Polkadot chain, democratizing the lending market, and tapping new possibilities in the sector. Commenting on Charlie coming onboard, Shantanu Kumar, CEO of Deficliq, stated that a name as credible and successful joining Deficliq gives them a reason to believe that they are on the right track.

Charlie has worked with some of the most innovative and unique projects in the crypto-blockchain space throughout his entrepreneurial journey. Apart from being the founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation, he is also involved with various blockchain companies like Voyager, Intellisys Capital, CryptoIQ, BitInstant, and ByteFederal. Commenting on him boarding Deficliq, Charlie said,

Charlie said

DeFi is one of the fastest-growing segments of the crypto-blockchain industry. Demand for decentralized financial products has witnessed a multi-fold increase in the past few months, especially after the economic slowdown, when equity stocks and other traditional financial markets crashed globally. Consolidation within the segment and unifying expertise is one way forward if the industry has to sustain the demand and growth in the coming years.

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