DeFine Receives Investment From Tron Foundation

DeFine finally announced receiving a substantial investment from the Tron Foundation. The funds shall be put to use in the development of products, expansion of the NFT-based multi-chain ecosystem, and deep exploration of the Metaverse and NFT-Fi, according to Tron forecast reports. Through the strategic investment partnership with Tron Foundation, the two platforms will focus on developing an NFT-based marketplace in the ecosystem of Tron Foundation to conduct auctions and more events. 

DeFine is now among the foremost NFT-based platforms to have received investment from the  Tron Foundation. The platform of DeFine will now be integrated into the network of Tron to enable creators and users around the world to enjoy the platform without troubling themselves with transaction fees and speed. In the meantime, DeFine is also looking forward to exploring its innovative NFT social profile system integrated with the ecosystem of the Tron Foundation. 

Tron Foundation provides a convenient, scalable, secure, reliable, and efficient Blockchain-based platform to developers across the globe. TRC-721, the first NFT-based standard, was launched by the Tron Foundation in March 2021. After the launch of TRC-721, Tron worked on improving BTFS, the biggest system of distributed storage in the world, to deliver an efficient and comprehensive infrastructure for rendering artworks as NFT collections on the blockchain network. Its strategic integration with DeFine will encourage the mass adoption of NFT in the world. DeFine is the NFT-based social platform designed exclusively for creators, including musicians, artists, athletes, gamers, and influencers. The blockchain-oriented platform of DeFine facilitates all forms of social interaction, communication, and engagement of creators with their fanbase through digital assets and fan/social tokens. 

Tron Foundation is known for its high throughput, high level of scalability, and high availability of networks. The high scalability of Tron Foundation makes sure that the dApps can be deployed in a wide range of ways. The smart contract chain of Tron supports a wide customer base across the globe.

Trevor Holman

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