DEFIT Goes Live on Polygon and Quickswap

DEFIT is set to expand its market reach with two new integrations. The platform recently announced going live on Polygon and Quickswap. 

The collaboration with Polygon will offer DEFIT users scalability and adaptability. On the other hand, DEFIT’s listing on Quickswap will open unforeseen customer prospects. 

Polygon is renowned for its scalable blockchain networks with affordable fees and quick deployment time. Going live on Polygon allows DEFIT to reach another milestone and add the network’s multichain. The integration holds significant value as it helps DEFIT merge the Fitness and the blockchain space.

The platform has integrated its wallet with the 360Wellness ecosystem, offering Fitness and Health solutions. The services include yoga, fitness classes, meditation, sports accessories, and more. In addition, users can access the solutions via in-app crypto payments, making the transactions quick and seamless.

That is why DEFIT is launching an 11.5m total token supply on Polygon. After its recent DAO vote, DEFIT removed 1.5m token liquidity on Uniswap and Safeswap each. Moreover, the platform is rolling 8.5m tokens on ERC20 to deploy on the Polygon network. It helps DEFIT maintain its total supply of 50,000,000 DEFIT while also expanding the overall reach.

Besides the deployment on Polygon, DEFIT also went live for trading on Quickswap. It added a new trading pair (ETH/DEFIT) with 310k USD liquidity on the swap. Going live on Quickswap seems natural as it has amassed over 2.65 million transactions and 100,000 unique wallet addresses.

However, this is not where DEFIT’s recent development ends. The venture also managed to get a complete grant on the Polygon network. It allows DEFIT to build full-stack scaling solutions on Polygon, facilitating perpetual growth for its ecosystem.

With such integrations, DEFIT is ready to elevate its overall offerings to the DEFIT community.

Roxanne Williams

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