DeGame and Particle Network join hands with Linea

DeGame has announced that Linea has achieved a major milestone in coming up with a gaming ecosystem. Per the announcement, Linea has joined hands with DeGame and Particle Network with the aim of leveraging their individual capabilities and coming up with an innovative gaming ecosystem.

The development comes days after Linea went live on mainnet, marking yet another major milestone in its roadmap. Linea is majorly backed by a set of benefits like high throughput, low gas fees, and low latency. All these factors combined have made Linea an ideal Layer-2 solution for blockchain gaming. The network has been developed by Consensys, looking to lead the industry amid the times when the GameFi field is gaining traction among the members of the community.

DeGame and Particle will individually contribute to the growing gaming ecosystem of Linea. It will leverage the Web3 gaming expertise of DeGame and the full-stake expertise of Particle. The ultimate idea is to build a gaming ecosystem that thrives in an industry that is constantly evolving with innovations. DeGame is also contributing to the development by making available a wide list of blockchain gaming titles for early deployment.

DeGame, Particle Network, and Linea are planning to co-host a major event in the next month, that is September. The event is tentatively scheduled to happen during Korea Blockchain Week and Token2049. An official confirmation is awaited, expected to come through a blog post or a social media post in the days to come.

Particle Network is a full-stack Web3 application development platform. Linea is a leading layer-2 zk-network that is aiming to enhance its blockchain gaming ecosystem.

DeGame boosts the participation of developers via Proof of Contribution. It is basically an aggregation platform for NFT/GameFi, enabling users to be a part of project building through the said community mechanism. Other options are Token Airdrop and Genesis NFT.

This is not the first partnership for DeGame, especially not in recent times. Its previous partnership was with Gameta for a 14-day long event. It featured a reward worth $60,000 in the form of 30,000 Hip Hop Boxes. The event began on July 12, 2023, and ended on July 26, 2023.

DeGame has another feather in its cap – the $10 million funding milestone. This was celebrated with a special campaign where the community was given access to exclusive rewards for their support. Moreover, they were granted the tag of DeGame Social Warrior as a part of the celebration of a monumental success. Ten lucky participants won 50U each while everyone was given the exclusive tag of the warrior.

The collaboration with Linea in association with Particle Network aligns with the goal of constantly expanding the ecosystem with reliable partners. Plus, it gives the team a chance to make meaningful contributions by boosting the gaming network.

DeGame will offer its expertise in Web3 gaming to Linea at a time when Particle Network comes up with its full-stack infrastructure.

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