Deloitte’s NFT tool adaptable with the Astar zkEVM blockchain

Deloitte Tohmatsu Group’s NFT development tool is compatible with the Astar zkEVM blockchain, which is administered by Stake Technologies Pte. Ltd (Astar Network) and Startale Labs Pte. Ltd (Startale Labs).

Astar zkEVM uses Ethereum’s Layer 2 technology with zero-knowledge proof (zk Proof) to improve transaction efficiency, propelling Deloitte to the forefront of the Web3 arena.

Deloitte has released a baseball-themed NFT game application on the Astar zkEVM. A digital baseball batting practice mechanism is incorporated into the game, allowing players to achieve NFT emblems and increase their level of excitement.

In addition, Deloitte Tohmatsu supports the development of a variety of blockchain-focused solutions and provides the necessary blockchain protocols as application programming interfaces. These functionalities were integrated into the developer backup platform LIFE LOG BOX on Polygon in June 2023.

Deloitte Tohmatsu conceived of the Reiwa 5th fiscal year Sport Industry Growth Promotional Project Sports and Technology Utilization Promotion Project, of which the development of the application is an integral component.

The initiative aims to provide opportunities for enhanced engagement with sports through the implementation of DX (Digital Transformation) and sports-related data technology, thereby generating new revenue streams and enhancing value additions to the sporting experience. Its target audience consists of junior high school baseball academy students.

As stated by Hiroki Akahoshi, a partner at Deloitte Tohmatsu, Web3 contributes significantly to regional and local economic development through the tokenization of all anticipated assets. In order to enhance its positioning, the organization has acquired additional NFT development tools from AstarzkEVM. The Astar Network’s slogan, “Lead the Way,” has established a connection.

Astar zkEvm is a blockchain network developed and made available by Astar Network in collaboration with Polygon Labs, a global player in the Web3 space, as an Ethereum Layer 2 incorporating ZK technology.


Both Deloitte Asia Pacific Limited and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC are constituents of the Deloitte network in Japan, and are referenced by the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Group. It provides a variety of services, including audit and assurance, risk advisory, financial advisory, and tax. Its approximately 17,000 employees are distributed across 30 Japanese cities.

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