Demand Management System joins hands with Morpheus.Network

In one of the important developments in the supply chain domain, the Demand Management System (DMS) has joined hands with Morpheus.Network.

This partnership has been struck with the primary aim of providing world-class supply chain solutions to companies to increase their efficiency and effectiveness of logistic operations. The prospects and converging areas for this association were discussed in a video conversation that took place between Gary Van Schellebeeck and Yuri Verjoustinsky representing DMS and Morpheus.Network’s Noam Eppel and Dan Weinberger.

Finer Details 

DMS has been operational since 1987 and is one of the leading organizations providing software solutions to companies across the Asia Pacific and Australia. It provides a range of supply chain solutions to scores of firms that are operating in different sectors of the economy. DMS firmly believes that the middleware platform offered by the Morpheus.Network is one of the best among the available solutions. The platform boasts of a high level of agility and adaptability, which will prove to be a game-changer in the industry. The characteristic of being complaint to change without mandating drastic transformation in the platform is something a unique selling proposition of the platform. It also makes it easy for companies to modify the platform to meet their specific needs in specific business conditions.

Morpheus.Network, on the other hand, will be benefited from the unmatched experience and a large network that DMS brings to the table. In fact, it will be an opportunity for Morpheus.Network to spread its wings and attract a large number of new customers to its fold with the help of a network that DMS has created over a period of time. DMS has been a pioneer in the supply chain field and will definitely become instrumental in helping Morpheus.Network to grow in the future.


This association is really significant from the viewpoint of the deriving efficiencies from global supply chain operations. The supply chain solutions provided by these organizations will help companies move quickly through shifting and transporting their products/services from one part to another in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This is the right step in the direction of expanding the idea of the global supply chain, and the coming together will definitely help in realizing the ambitious goal of a vibrant global supply chain among nations.

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