Dencun upgrade Ethereum news could propel altcoins like Octoblock even higher

With Ethereum news depicting the Dencun Upgrade as a significant step toward widespread blockchain adoption, promising altcoins like Octoblock could soar even higher.

What is the Ethereum Dencun Upgrade?

Dencun, regarded as the most anticipated Ethereum upgrade since the Merge, was successfully deployed on the Ethereum mainnet on March 13. This upgrade is focused on scalability, efficiency, and security and incorporates several Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs). 

The most notable change is EIP-4844 for proto-danksharding, which aims to optimize gas fees for Layer-2 network data and enhance the network’s capacity to manage higher transaction volumes through these secondary layers. 

Exploring Octoblock (OCTO): A new altcoin set for massive gains

Octoblock ingeniously blends Game-Fi elements with the foundational mechanics of  Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to create an array of initiatives focused on generating value and supporting charitable causes. 

One of its flagship initiatives is the Nautilus Trove, a revenue-generating system that strategically allocates 75% of asset inflows to DeFi strategies like staking and farming while dedicating 25% to investments to revenue-generating ventures such as stocks and businesses. This dual-strategy approach ensures a balance between stability and growth.

OCTO token holders will receive half of the profits made by the Nautilus Trove, with 45% distributed based on their token holdings and 5% allocated to the Octoblock Saltwater Sweepstake. The sweepstake will randomly select winning addresses, with higher token-holding addresses having greater chances of winning. 

The Octablock Tentacle Trust will also receive funds from the Nautilus Trove, which will aid organizations dedicated to the conservation of marine ecosystems, such as Coral Reef Alliance and PADI Project Aware. OCTO holders will hold monthly votes to choose the recipient of the donations.


Octoblock will also enable DeFi participants to maximize their yield farming returns through its cFyF (Crowd Funded Yield Farming) technology. In cFyF, participants will first contribute resources to a shared yield pool. Due to the pooled funds, the yield pools will access better yield rates, leading to higher profits for all participants. CFyF participants may also qualify for airdrops, increasing their potential investment returns.

Users will be able to seamlessly swap and bridge assets across multiple blockchain networks through Octoblock’s cross-chain platform, Coral Cove. The platform assures low transaction costs, high-security standards, and strategically optimized transaction routes, eliminating the need for users to navigate through multiple platforms.  

The Octoblock Initial Coin Offering (ICO) commenced its second phase on April 5, selling OCTO tokens at $0.036 and offering a 14% bonus. The ICO also features a staking mechanism and a Tesla giveaway, adding an extra layer of excitement and incentive for potential investors.


As Ethereum’s capabilities expand, the entire crypto ecosystem will undeniably benefit. This will include innovative projects like Octoblock, which leverage the latest advancements to drive value creation and social impact.

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