Deribit hacked for $28m; Company reserve covers loss

Deribit recently became a victim of the hacking attack as its hot wallet was compromised for funds worth $28 million in value. The Incident reportedly happened in the late evening of November 01, 2022. Deposits have been halted and are estimated to reopen soon after the platform is confident of its safety.

The reserves formed by Deribit will cover losses. Funds in cold storage have not been affected by the hack. Fire blocks and Client Assets are safe as well. However, this was possible by the company’s procedure, where keeping 99% of the funds in cold storage is required. Allocating several funds to cold storage gave Deribit a chance to protect funds from the hack.

While deposits that have already been executed will be honored with a sight delay, it is recommended not to process any more deposits. Deribit has paused the process, and new deposits will not be completed. The hack has now affected the overall financial position of Deribit. Its insurance fund remains intact, with operations functioning as usual.However, hacks are normally bound to break the network, affecting a platform’s daily transactions. Deribit allocating 99% of funds to cold storage made a lot of difference, not just in a financial sense but also in an operational sense.

Members of the community took some time to absorb the news, following which they expressed their happiness about having the assets covered by Deribit. Some have even expressed their confidence in Deribit by saying it will go a long way.

Deribit, founded in 2016, is an exchange platform for Bitcoin and Ethereum futures & options trading derivatives. It is currently headquartered in Panama to offer fast trading performance. A Deribit review gives rather more technical insight into the high leverages offered.

Once created, users can begin trading on the platform by initially funding their account with BTC. Deribit mobile application is available for iOS and Android users. It has a simple user interface with one of the best ratings on the app store. The mobile application of Deribit makes it easier for users to access their accounts from anywhere in the world instead of switching on a laptop or a PC.


Two-factor authentication is an additional layer of security that the users on Deribit can avail of. However, this prevents unknown entries by bad actors, preventing any account from becoming a hacking victim. Its hot wallet hack is a surprise as Deribit leaves no stone unturned in keeping the platform safe. The team is working to recover funds that have been stolen. Users can relax as the reserves will cover their losses.

Trevor Holman

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