Deribit Launches Ethereum Options on the Crypto Derivatives Platform

Leading crypto exchange Deribit launched Ethereum options contracts on Monday, in a bid to expand crypto futures and derivative options of the platform. Like Bitcoin, users can now trade Ethereum perpetual futures with up to 100x leverage.

As per a report, the new Ethereum futures offering is available with price intervals of $5, with a lifetime of two trading days times. This will allow the crypto exchange to open up new options for investors, especially those looking towards crypto as an alternative to traditional investments.

Futures trading is steadily becoming one of the most preferred mediums of stepping into the world of crypto investments, and institutional investments, in particular, are taking a strong liking to it. In fact, the future of the crypto industry heavily depends on the liquidity and investment options, as conventional crypto trading is slowly becoming stagnant.


The past couple of years have indicated that the industry is maturing, and similar to the traditional financial markets, companies will have to come up with new products in order to accommodate the demands of a wider range of investors. Deribit, for example, is offering short expiries on the ETH futures options to woo traders who have short term goals, which are generally based on macroeconomic affairs.

Trevor Holman

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