DeSpace Partners with Attrace to Create Web 3.0 Rewards

DeSpace announced its partnership with Attrace- a future rewarding protocol specifically built for promoting crypto. Attrace and DeSpace share the similar objective of making crypto easier to understand, and both of our technologies are designed to give back to users. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for the community.

DeSpace will leverage Attrace referrals to promote NFT drops on ETH, Polygon, and BSC as part of the cooperation. This implies that both users and promoters can earn rewards by participating in Attrace-hosted DeSpace NFT campaigns. This is a fantastic chance to give back to DeSpace users who connect with us through Attrace and promote about DeSpace and NFTs to a larger audience.

The veterans of DeSpace have an idea of how much they enjoy working on NFT collaborations with partners, and this is no exception. DeSpace and Attrace will work together on a unique NFT line for Lottery Pad, tickets redeemable in both DES and ATTR. Remember that DeSpace NFTs aren’t just for show; you stake them from this drop to unlock additional DeSpace functionality and earn sweet staking rewards.

DeSpace will integrate referrals of Attrace with the protocol once NFT aggregators begin. If you utilize these services, you will have the possibility to double your earnings.

About Attrace

Attrace, one of the very first Web3 frameworks designed for referral marketing and is for the entire Blockchain ecosystem. The Attrace team is bringing years of expertise in ‘conventional’ advocacy of customers to create a solution to solve the myriad gaps disrupting referral marketing right after the internet’s inception. Web3 projects may now reach a broader audience with Attrace, and allow backers to earn rewards through promotion confidentially.

About DeSpace

DeSpace is the latest DeFi and NFT tool for navigation. It allows users to use different types of NFT and DeFi products through the crypto ecosystem, including self products. It is supported by DeChain, the layer 2 Blockchain connecting chains and easy transaction process on different bridges. When the user does the transaction, there are rewards with DES, the native currency, which gives them access to many features on the site.

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