Deutsche Telekom is Bosch and’s first corporate AI partner

Deutsche Telekom has become the first corporate to join the association of Bosch and Both partners are credited with laying the groundwork for the Foundation. The objective is to advance artificial intelligence and carry forward the concept of blockchain technology. The subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, MMS, has also boarded the ship as a validator. It is tasked with securing the decentralized blockchain of

Dirk Roder from Deutsche Telekom MMS has called this partnership groundbreaking, adding that the upcoming process includes the activity of autonomous agents automating industrial services, simplifying processes, and strengthening their security and scalability. The Head of the Web3 Infrastructure & Solutions Team has credited blockchain technology for making it convenient for them to take up the said job.

Deutsche Telekom MMS is also a member of the ecosystem. However, its role as a validator is hugely listed for the purpose of enabling security during the integration of devices, services, and individuals into the blockchain.

A partnership between Deutsche Telekom,, and Bosch spreads its wings across several sectors, including, but not limited to, healthcare, finance, and automotive.

Humayun Sheikh, the Chief Executive Officer of, has called the partnership a significant milestone for the company. Sheikh has also stated that it has opened the doors to the possibility of integrating real-world cases to enhance the network that already exists in the ecosystem. For this, they are likely to leverage the potential of practical application, research, and development of AI, agents, and decentralized Web3 technologies.

The addition of Deutsche Telekom to the Foundation has laid the groundwork for massive developments in the AI sphere. While specifics have not been provided pertaining to the precise roadmap, it is safe to assume that the developments will add to what exists at the moment and bring innovations across the globe. 

The same optimism has sparked a bullish run for FET, the native token of It has been up by 0.27% in the last 24 hours, trading at $0.6608 at the time of drafting this article. FET price prediction estimates that the token can end in 2024 at around $0.70. The estimated figure takes into consideration that developments will be constant throughout the year.

Moving forward, Deutsche Telekom has said that it will attend BCX—Bosch Connected Experience—on February 28–29, 2024. It will be joined by, with participants coming up with ideas that can be developed on the blockchain.

Peter Busch, the Head of DLT Mobility at Bosch, has said that their collaboration with Deutsche Telekom is an important step in advancing Web3 and AI.

Both segments of the technology have emerged as imperative, along with blockchain. An association between Deutsche Telekom and Foundation is in the initial stages, with results expected to start coming out in the next few months.

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