Developers Work to Launch New Bitcoin Cash Full Node Clients — Gocoin-cash and Bchd

The masterminds behind and Openbazaar have come up with two new Bitcoin Cash full node clients— Gocoin-cash and Bchd (gcash).

However, the clients are still in the development stage. Gocoin-cash’s website mentions that the upcoming launch is likely to take around 47 more days. After that, it will be available on clients’ iOS and Android operating systems. Meanwhile, users can subscribe with an email to be informed regarding the launch date.


Julian Smith, the creator of the crypto-derivative platform, has developed Gocoin-cash. Gocoin-cash is a full bitcoin cash solution written in the programming language Go. It is a port of the BTC software initially written by Piotr Narewski. Gocoin-cash already has its own Github repository for developers. The repository states:

‘The software architecture is focused on the maximum performance of the node and cold storage security of the wallet.’

According to Smith, with ‘decent machine and a fast connection (e.g., 4 v-CPUs from Google Cloud or Amazon AWS)’ a node would be able to sync the entire bitcoin blockchain ‘in less than 4 hours.’ The Gocoin-cash wallet is deterministic and password protected, but it will be accessible offline also.

‘As long as you remember the password, you do not need any backups ever,’ the repository notes detail.

Gocoin-cash users can also access Google Dragonfly services to query the BCH chain and thereby, build up efficient global payment connectivity.


In another development, Chris Pacia, developer of Openbazaar, unveiled Bchd, another bitcoin cash client written in programming language Go. A fork of the Btcd implementation, Bchd, is ‘one of the best designed and well-written Bitcoin codebases,’ believes the programmer.

A BCH full node written in Go language includes various benefits like client-side block filtering, ability to utilize QUIC, a new transport developed by Google to replace TCP. Similarly, as Gocoin-cash, Bchd allows very quick syncing between blockchains.

Pacia added:

‘So one of my primary goals with the Bchd project will be to provide a high powered indexing blockchain server that will act as a fast and reliable backend for Bitcoin Cash applications with a great API.’

The developer mentioned that he is currently left with the uphill task of creating a UTXO cache, implementing a pruned mode, porting the btcwallet/neutrino codebase, and switching to libsecp256k1.

Highlighting the simplicity of the codebase, he said,

‘The design of the codebase coupled with the ease of use of Go makes it relatively easy for us to experiment with new features that would take a long time to get into the C++ implementations.’

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