deVere Group CEO Urges WEF Delegates To Make Investment In Fintech


Nigel Green, the founder and CEO of the world’s highly acclaimed independent global financial consultancy providing firm deVere Group, has made an appeal to the delegates of the World Economic Forum meet urging them to commit investments in fintech.

The globally renowned financial gathering, the World Economic Forum, is celebrating its 50th edition in the beautiful Swiss mountain resort of Davos. The event has witnessed the presence of the most elite world leaders, CEOs, academics, influencers, and celebrities from around the world. To take advantage of the presence of the best industrial minds under one roof, Nigel urged the fellow delegates to make 2020 a year of big and bold commitments for the fintech industry.

Mr. Green stated that “As it celebrates its landmark 50th year, the World Economic Forum 2020 has the opportunity to champion and enhance the transformation of business, which has been dubbed the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution.’ We’re living through a pivotal moment in history in which increased and advancing technology is monumentally and profoundly changing the way we live, do business, and interact with one another.” 


The leader mentioned the transition happening in the financial services sector which eventually serves as the base for the trade and commerce industry. He laid emphasis on the role of financial technology or fintech in leveraging the seismic shifts occurring in the global economy. He stated that mobile banking and investment apps, peer-to-peer lending, digital currencies, crowdfunding, etc. are all major advancements shaping and revolutionizing the financial sector.

“The momentum and energy of this evolution now needs to be harnessed by delegates in Davos. They need to commit to fintech by using their time, energy and resources for its research and development for three principal, positive reasons,” added Mr. Green.

Mr. Green highlighted various benefits of fintech during his interaction at Davos. He bragged that an investment in fintech will give a boost to global financial inclusion and will help in providing financial services to underdeveloped communities. Fintech allows firms to diversify their operational capacities, reduce costs, and helps in meeting the regulatory requirements. The investment in fintech helps in making financial services easily accessible.


“Davos 2020 is the ideal forum in which to unite the best political and business leaders to galvanise the positive potential of the fintech revolution. With a slowing global economy, it is an opportunity that the world cannot afford to miss,” concluded deVere’s spearhead.


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