DeversiFi Integrates with Opera Browser

Opera currently rides on the growth of 380 million users. It became the first browser to launch a Crypto wallet in 2018. There has not been a look back since then. It set a standard that is yet to be followed by others.

DeversiFi has now announced that it has integrated with Opera Browser, another trendsetter stroke for the browser to be proud of.

The partnership of DeversiFi and Opera Browser will be powered by the technology of Starkware, and it will aim to take its wallet to the users, which is specifically designed for Ethereum swaps on layer.

Working Of The Opera Wallet

Users of Opera Browser will have a feature that they can use vastly, especially if their aim is to trade Cryptocurrency more often. The partnership of Opera Browser and DeversiFi is eyeing to take a new non-custodial wallet closer to a new set of audience.

The new set of audience refers to the ones that are already connected to Opera Browser.

Expectations regarding its adaptation are quite high as it offers a lower gas fee and instant trading features. The technology is capable of handling swaps 100 times faster than its predecessor.

The functioning of the Opera Wallet is simple enough for everyone to understand irrespective of their background or knowledge level. It will enable all the users to transact directly with layer 2.

The Opera Wallet leverages StarEx’s scalability to connect to the markets of DeversiFi. StarEx is the layer two scaling solution that looks after the security of every transaction. 

In addition to StarEx, the Opera Wallet also utilizes the DeversiFi protocol to connect to the markets through the APIs of StarkWare.

Users will be able to make a deposit in two ways. The first way is by depositing fiat currency into the layer two wallets, and another way is by depositing Ethereum from the layer one wallet. Once transferred, DeversiFi will power the transactions and allow users to instantly make the swapping at the best price.

The security concerns for all the transactions will be looked after by StarEx.

Integration of the Opera Wallet and DeversiFi takes the previous technology to another level. The upgraded version is much faster and helps traders to save tons of money in terms of gas fees.

Since StarkWare can handle huge volumes of transactions, there is no delay in making the swap. The gas fee, according to the estimates, is lowered from $50 to less than 30 cents.

While many traders may care less for the gas fee, it serves a great deal of purpose for those who trade in small amounts.

Opera also rides on a reputation of being user-centric. Its customer-oriented features are well-known in the market. These majorly include ad blocking, privacy, and data saving.


The partnership with DeversiFi strengthens its commitment to dealing with gas fees and network speed much further.

Users can get on board by installing the beta version of Opera Browser for Android and activating StarkWare from the settings section.

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