DEVITA Merges with Polygon to Bring Healthcare Management for Millions

Polygon opens a new avenue in healthcare management with integration with DEVITA. The blockchain project expects to emphasize the importance of “data sovereignty” in storing healthcare records through this journey. As the project goes live on Polygon, millions of users can access healthcare data and tools instantly and affordably. The data stored or transmitted through this protocol would be protected using true decentralization and several other innovations like DID and NFT.

The project would reportedly use security measures like decentralized identification and non-fungible tokens to securely store the records. In addition, the data will be encrypted using privacy protocols such as GDPR and HIPAA. Users will get access to records through the native DEVITA token ONE-ID. This ERC-1155 token is minted and stored in a secure wallet after KYC verification. You can allow a healthcare provider or organization to access the data records using the ONE-ID tokens.

The two key features of this healthcare project are speed and affordability, DEVITA. The infrastructure and fast network of Polygon complement the vision of the project. According to co-founder Eric Choi from DEVITA, the integration with Polygon is a huge milestone for the project. It will be key to creating an “intersection between blockchain technology and the right to better healthcare.” 

Polygon is easily one of the leading ecosystems in the market currently, and its web3 tools have brought nearly 130 million addresses to the network and processed transactions worth $1.5 billion. Polygon holds several reputed names like OpenSea and in its portfolio, not to mention 7000 dApps it currently houses.

Roxanne Williams

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