Dexalot forms a collaboration with Kado

Dexalot takes pleasure in the fact that it has formed an exclusive collaboration with Kado, which is a fiat on-and-off ramp. It is responsible for changing crypto into fiat currency in an extremely simplified way. Kado was officially set up to carry out the spending of stablecoin in a real-time scenario and ease the way for added buying. In a remarkably brief period of time, the entity has amassed an immense quantity of popularity.

Currently, Kado is involved in creating an uninterrupted international entry point pertaining to various sorts of fiat as well as crypto and payment systems. This association ascertains Dexalot’s pledge to offer a centralized crypto exchange experience while holding on to issues related to safety and clarity.

In contrast, Dexalot is an innovative decentralized exchange that utilizes a centralized on-chain application to replicate the experience of a traditional crypto exchange. Equipped with an innovative Central Limit Order book, it facilitates high-level transactions with a finality of 1-2 seconds, with safety concerns as the primary consideration. It is futuristic, cost-effective, and simplified, and it includes a number of individualized incentive schemes in the form of SimpleSwap and SimpleView feature additions.

Dexalot provides traders with convenient DeFi exposure, building upon the company’s lowest costs. One can also go around centralized exchanges and carry out the transfer of funds directly to and from their custody wallet on Dexalot. This is with the help of its recent incorporation with Kado. Purchasing AVAX and USDC as singles amongst various fiat currencies has been made possible, and the onboarding process is super fast. One can link up with Kado and change one’s crypto and currency from Dexalot’s SimpleView drop-down wallet option.

This partnership between Dexalot and Kado enables SimpleView users to establish direct connections with Kado and conduct on-and-off ramp transactions without abandoning Dexalot.


Dexalot is an innovative decentralized exchange that provides the traditional centralized exchange experience through a decentralized application on the blockchain. Dexalot’s objective is to establish an all-encompassing environment wherein its connected users can engage in secure and efficient cryptocurrency trading without concerns regarding slippage or custody. It is a smart contract platform in the blockchain space that has gained significant recognition for its rapid acceleration and was developed on Avalanche.

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