DFK Chain Now Supports ETH, Plans to Add ETH Pairs Soon

DeFi Kingdoms published a blog post to announce its support for ETH on the network in partnership with Synapse. DFK Chain is now planning to add a few ETH pairs along with the JEWEL-USDC pair on the network.

The JEWEL-USDC pair will enable the users to access more accurate pricing of JEWEL on the DFK Chain. The proposed CV Gardens breakdown is as follows:-

Proposed Breakdown




New Pools
CRYSTAL-ETH 15% Not applicable
JEWEL-USDC 4% Not applicable
ETH-USDC 1% Not applicable
Existing Pools Rebalance
CRYSTAL-USDC 15% No change
CRYSTAL-JEWEL 10% No change
xJEWEL-JEWEL 35% Down 25%

Synapse has taken this opportunity to update the estimated GWEI from 45 to 115 to match the current in-game estimates, ensuring that the transactions are processed without any issue.

The update is scheduled to go live in 24 hours from the time it was announced. The time period in between has been kept to give people the opportunity to prepare related tokens for any desired change to allocations.

The ETH bridge functionality will go live, and users can access it through the Avalanche C-Chain outpost or the gamified bridge at the DFK Docks zone.

The DeFi Kingdom is a play-to-earn game that is based on blockchain and centers around non-fungible tokens. Its economics is run by the native token – JEWEL. The game can be started at no cost; however, players will have to pay the basic gas fees while interacting with the blockchain.

It has been built on the Harmony Protocol to look like a traditional pixel RPG. Players can invest their tokens and earn some passive income while exploring a Bank, Tavern, or Garden. The DeFi Kingdom is set in Gaia, a fictional world once united only to be destroyed by the residents from over-farming.

Age of Heroes is the first phase that players experience after entering the game. They are tasked with farming JEWEL and summoning heroes through their mystical powers.

Interested users can get started with the DeFi Kingdom by signing up for MetaMask Wallet and depositing the Harmony One Token into the wallet. The funds were deposited to cover the gas fee. It can also be swapped for an in-game currency – JEWEL.

Select Start Playing after visiting the game’s site. The first objective would be to create a character name and set a profile picture, followed by choosing where time, energy, and JEWEL must be invested.


Players can engage in professions, namely Gardeners, Foragers, Fishers, Jewel Miners, and Gold Miners. Out of all the professions, only Jewel Miners is in the beta version at the moment. JEWEL can only be obtained by swapping a virtual currency like ETH or USDT, which can be accessed on MEXC, CoinEX, SushiSwap, or Hotbit.

The NPC Agent Selina remains the central figure who can be contacted for all the major operations. DFK Chain supporting ETH and announcing to add a few pairs is a great start, especially for those who are firm supporters of ETH.

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