Dfyn Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds

Soon after the launch of its predictions market, Dfyn Network is now working on its integration with Chainlink Price Feeds on the main network of Polygon to employ the Oracle infrastructure of Chainlink. The predictions market is going to use the price feed of MATIC/USD as a transparent and secure source of price data for settlements. 

The predictions platform of Dfyn Network enables users to acquire positions on price movements on a short-term basis with individual rounds fitting into the span of five-minute windows. Dfyn users are able to select either bear or bull to indicate the predictions in the rise and fall of asset prices at the end of every round. The users whose predictions come true receive payouts that include a part of the winnings that goes into the burning of the Dfyn tokens.

The reason behind the integration with Chainlink is its time-tested and robust Oracle network that operates the top-tier DeFi protocols of the industry. Apart from providing a powerful infrastructure on the back-end, Chainlink also provides users with the ability to create custom feeds for ensuring constant updates in market prices. The exclusive design features of Chainlink that make the platform the best choice for integration with Dfyn Network are listed below:

High quality of data: Chainlink Price Feeds acquires data from multiple exclusive aggregators of data. The data aggregators form the data aggregation model of Chainlink that is known to generate precise international market prices that are resistant against flash crash outliers, API downtime, and attacks of data manipulation. 

The Oracle nodes of Chainlink have a polished track record of transparency and reliability even in the face of network congestion and high gas prices. 

According to LINK price prediction, the Dfyn Network seeks to add more predictions markets into its fold and all of them shall be secured by Chainlink  Price Feeds.

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