DGaming Release ‘Mainstream Ready’ Crypto Gaming Wallet Into iOS & Play Stores

DGaming, a technology company that seeks to push the decentralized gaming industry towards mass adoption, has announced the release of a decentralized wallet specifically designed for gamers. The wallet is immediately available to iOS users on the App Store and Android users on Google Play.

Dgaming wallet

The DGaming Wallet forms part of a suite of tools and solutions being created by DGaming, to push the decentralized gaming industry towards mass adoption. While the has industry shown early promise, its growth has started to stagnate as it seeks to expand beyond its current audience into the mainstream market. One of the key stumbling blocks is accessibility for mainstream players, something that DGaming, with The DGaming Store, and The DGaming Wallet, is aiming to solve.

The DGaming Wallet is a mobile application that helps decentralized gamers manage cryptocurrency and in-game assets. They can send and receive their ERC721 & ERC20 tokenized assets conveniently and securely. Users can also send, store, and receive Ethereum (ETH), with support for other cryptocurrencies to follow. The Android version includes an in-built DApp browser so gamers can play games in the same place they store their assets.

We have made an immense effort to get The DGaming Wallet into the App Stores. Firstly, it’s unprecedented that a decentralized gaming-related solution is being published. Moreover, we are targeting a broad audience with our development, helping fresh players enter the DGaming industry without any extra effort. The application is as simple to use as a mobile banking app, and has a slick design.

-Chief Business Development Officer, Marina Shim

While it’s the design of the app that is its current strong-point, DGaming believes the features they have in development will make this the wallet that gamers should invest their time in.

Dgaming wallet

We’re building a wallet specifically designed for crypto gamers. This means it will include evident features such as – managing game items, a DApp browser on Android, and support for most popular gaming blockchains. We’re working to introduce some exciting features that although technically challenging to create, will make this the go-to wallet for gamers.

-Blockchain expert, and DGaming’s Chief Technology Officer, Vasiliy Shapovalov.

The DGaming Wallet can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. It’s also available to Android users from the Google Play Store.

For further information, please contact: DGaming Head of Growth Management, Max Tesla [email protected]

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