DigiByte Community Announces Formation of the Blockchain to Push Innovation

DigiByte Alliance, a breakthrough philanthropic strategy designed to generate economic support for the decentralized Blockchain, was introduced today by members of the community backing DigiByte Blockchain. The DigiByte Alliance’s purpose is to accelerate the growth and innovation of the DigiByte Blockchain by generating funding for development, maintenance, and education. Both bitcoin and fiat currencies can be used to make charitable contributions to the foundation.

The DigiByte Alliance is the result of numerous long-time and dedicated DigiByte community members working together to create a generic platform for individuals, organizations, communities, and also for governments to learn more about and connect with the technology built by the DigiByte Blockchain.

Founded in Wyoming, The DigiByte Alliance kicked off its service in March 2021 and is working on getting 501(c) (3) exempt in tax status from the Internal Revenue Service. Both bitcoin and fiat contributions to the DigiByte Alliance will be eligible for a tax deduction if the DigiByte Alliance’s application, filed on July 13, 2021, is granted.

The DigiByte Alliance also unveiled its complete Board of Directors today:

Michelle Dougherty, who served as the former US Department of State attorney and member of the DigiByte Awareness Team, will lead the organization as President. Vice Presidents to the Board include Laura Taylor, leader of the DigiByte community, Frederick Gablemann, a key member of the DigiByte development team; and John Song, investment and investment specialist, will serve.

DigiByte is decentralized communications and public payments infrastructure designed and implemented, benefiting users. It is an upgraded derivative of the Bitcoin Blockchain. The DigiByte Blockchain will benefit from public financial support as an open-source Blockchain similar to a public utility, ensuring its continuing development and vitality. A public Blockchain, like a park, provides an environment for economic recreation, growth, and invention that might be described as benevolent purpose technology. The DigiByte Alliance sees DigiByte in the form of critical technology in this ever-growing digital economy; it is working to ensure that its worth is preserved for the future.

DigiByte works as an open-source tool with a market value of nearly two billion dollars, with the help of committed open-source developers dedicating hours over the previous seven years. The security of the DigiByte ecosystem must improve as the utility of the blockchain grows.

About DigiByte Alliance

The DigiByte Alliance works with an objective to push DigiByte’s growth and acceptance. The DigiByte Alliance was founded to assist in the development of the decentralized infrastructure of DigiByte Blockchain for the public benefit, with a focus on the DigiByte protocol and Blockchain users.

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