DigiByte Price Analysis: DigiByte (DGB) Price Shows Positive Run Today

Recently Rudy Bouwman, The Chief Marketing and Co-Founder of DigiByte Awareness Team, saw seen tweeting how DGB is growing maturity every day. With the ongoing development, DGB is the best UTXO Blockchain and the most secure network too. The future is expected to move in the brighter zone.

Well, let’s hope for the same.

Current Statistics of DigiByte:

Today, the DGB price was seen trading at $0.01111 at 06:12 UTC on 27th July 2019. The other calculated factors are as follows:

  • Return on Investment: 642.99%
  • Total supply/Circulating Supply: 12,076,281,755 DGB/ 12,076,281,755 DGB
  • 24 Hour Volume: 1,154,976 USD
  • Market Cap: 133,585,484 USD
  • 7 Day high/low: 0.012505 USD / 0.010267 USD

DigiByte Price Comparison:

Since yesterday, the movement in DigiByte prices was nothing less than a roller coaster ride. The lower value was seen initially at 04:47 UTC trading at $0.01051. The value escalated by 4.26% in a few hours with the trading price changed to $0.01096702 at 06:03 UTC. DGB price then saw a sudden drop in a few hours again by 4.19% at 09:52 UTC trading at $0.0105094.

DigiByte price chart July 27
DigiByte Price Chart by TradingView

Around 19:13 UTC, the value escalated by 3.39% trading seen at $0.01086594, which was dropped in a few minutes by 3.25% to $0.01051125 at 19:21 UTC. The value today at 00:18 UTC was escalated by 6.78% when the trading was seen at $0.01122430. From then on, the value is slightly dropped by 1.03% as of now.

DigiByte Price Prediction and Conclusion:

DGB coin is slightly moving away from the bearish zone. And as per DigiByte price forecast, the currency might face considerable downward correction in the upcoming days. However, it is still not the time to sell your currency to earn more profit. With a sudden slide, people might want to hold on to their positions until the chart shows a significant movement. The resistance & support levels that trades might want to consider are as follows:

Resistance Levels: R1: 0.011084, R2: 0.011236 and R3: 0.011508

Support Levels: S1: 0.01066, S2: 0.010388 and S3: 0.010236

Trevor Holman

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